Top Spotify artists

Here you fill find the biggest artists on Spotify based on several key indicators, taking into account both current success and historical strength.

Top Spotify artists – Results

As we speak, the battle to dominate Spotify has 4 main contenders. Drake and Ed Sheeran were the first two to compete for the crown. The latter had the capability to score insane hits, but the former got the advantage of a larger, stronger catalog overall.

Then came Bad Bunny‘s putsh. With his album Un Verano Sin Ti, we thought we had a new ruler. When he seemed to really pull ahead, Taylor Swift kept growing and reached unbelievable heights with Midnights.

So far, the battle is still wide open. Check out this list every day to see music history being written!

Top Spotify artists – How it works

This ranking presents the top Spotify artists based on several key statistics.

To evaluate artists’ current success, we factor in both the popularity rating and monthly listeners. And total streams as lead artists and total followers reflect the artists’ historical strength.

The scoring column combines all indicators together. The two figures based on actual consumption (popularity rating and total streams) are weighted stronger. The stars system uses a logarithmic scale. We rank artists with the same number of stars thanks to their exact scoring.

We update all statistics daily, except for total streams. Monthly schedulers take care of streaming data on top of user searches.

While the highest part of the list is comprehensive, as we go down artists may be missing. If you notice an omission, just use our streaming data tool to look for the related artist. If they are eligible, they will automatically and instantly appear in this top.

In fact, your searches update streaming numbers. The overall ranking reflects changes as soon as new daily data is in for an artist.

As the Spotify database is tricky, we can’t guarantee you there won’t be occasional data glitches, even if we developed several controls to grant data consistency. We manually fix issues which appear in spite of these controls.

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