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Hello and welcome at ChartMasters!

We believe accurate data is the key to understanding the industry and where it is going.

Therefore, we’re working day in day out to provide the most accurate data within the music industry. Our 20 years long expertise allows us to precisely estimate confidential record sales or make sense of raw streaming numbers.

Do come along with us through this journey!

What we aim at

The music industry refers to artists’ record sales. As most of this information is confidential, it turns out to be a nearly impossible to solve monster jigsaw.

Understanding the music industry consists in three main steps:

  1. Collecting raw data
  2. Interpreting technically collected values
  3. Understanding the social meaning of information

The first step requires going through hundreds of sources, in which you will read incorrect data more often than not. Specialized forums can help getting into step two but this will only enable you to scratch the surface of the subject. The last step is not covered at all on the internet, that is before ChartMasters got started.

Indeed, ChartMasters tackles both the interpreting and understanding parts while sharing easily accessible raw data too. Ultimately, what we want is as simple as understanding the music industry and where it’s going to.

How we work

In order to do so, we have developed our own methodology. The CSPC and the ASR concepts allow us to accurately gauge the commercial success of any artist since the 1950s. Even though this implies comparing different formats in an ever-changing industry, and across all kinds of local markets and music genres.

To get a complete and clear picture of the whole painting, we analyze all major discographies one after the other. You will find all these analyses under the Analyses section, and the list of completed reviews here.

Also, our reviews lead us to deep-dive in various areas of the music industry. So each time it is relevant, we share the takeaways in the Insights articles.

As we accumulate artist reviews, we are able to produce ever more comprehensive and accurate original rankings, which are available in the Rankings section.

Also, producing these reviews means mining data over and over on the same sources for different artists. We continuously standardize and automate this datamining, and part of that automation combined with our industry expertise allow us to provide unique tools tracking the artists’ streaming success. These data tools are available in the Data section.

The tools are available only for ChartMasters subscribers. Here are our privacy policy and terms of service.

They trust us

Who we are

Because ChartMasters would be nothing without dedicated people behind their screens, here is the full introduction to our team.

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