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Thanks for stopping by our Chartmasters website. In order to start in the best possible way, let me introduce the purpose of it as well as our great team!

What we do


The music industry refers to record sales of all our much loved artists. As most of this information is confidential, it turns out to be a monster jigsaw nearly impossible to solve. Understanding the Music industry consists in three main steps:

  1. Collecting raw data
  2. Interpreting technically collected values
  3. Understanding social meaning of information

The first step requires going through hundreds of sources, in which you will read incorrect data more often than not. Specialized forums can help getting into step 2 but this will only enable you to scratch the surface of the subject. The last step is not covered at all on the internet.


Chartmasters.org aims to answer both 2 and 3 areas while posting easily accessible raw data too. In order to reach this target, we will be providing interpreted information and spotting lights in the correct direction to understand it properly. Therefore, you will not find out one more unexplicit piece of the music industry jigsaw her. Instead, you will get a complete and clear picture of the whole painting.

Furthermore, Chartmasters.org publishes in-depth analyses related to the music industry and runs several series focusing on specific subjects. Our main categories are detailed below.

How we do

Category Industry

Do you have a business mindset? This area is for you. It contains articles related to the state and the evolution of the music industry from the 19th century to the last IFPI reports while also providing various forecasts.

Category Analytics

Have you ever wondered how to become a chart expert? It’s simple, you only need to read articles from the Analytics category. This high-value section includes all concepts we introduced like the CSPC (Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept) and the ASR (Artist Success Rating) as well as detailed explanations to best understand charts, certifications & sales.

Category Artists

Do you stan for someone and want to get a clear and accurate picture of their career’s successes and failures without going through countless sources while avoiding fake receipts too? Artists-related articles will bring you what you need with discographies analyzed in full and results presented with multiple perspectives.

Category Extras

For you, every information related to charts & sales is welcome. Newly compiled lists, official charts and certifications previously unavailable online, anything that can complete your set of receipts is make you happy. Extras is where you will get them!


Who we are

Name:                    Al
Role:                      Executive Support
From:                     Norway
Favorite Artist:       The Beatles

Estimating album sales involves an awful lot of sources and requires many, many hours. The more you structure them, the better your results will get. Al role is to milk more efficiently all chart-related files we collected through the years, transforming raw data into exploitable and relevant information.


Name:                    Anthony Blanchard
Role:                      CTO & VP Streaming
From:                     France
Favorite Artist:       Led Zeppelin

The impact of Anthony has been immense on Chartmasters. He has automated plenty of tasks in background to improve both our efficiency and our reliability. All Excel screenshots available on articles are generated by his macros. Anthony leads the streaming section, collecting all data from Spotify and YouTube, he also enables the application of the CSPC formula by setting track lists of every compilation or live album of artists studied. Last but not least, he is our Data Manager, carefully storing every needed figure to handle the Data Collector and publish related articles.


2018-10-30 15:25:13
Name:                    Guillaume Vieira / MJD
Role:                      CEO 
From:                     France
Favorite Artist:       Damien Saez

Founder and webmaster of Chartmasters, tasks Guillaume lead include estimates of album sales and digital sales plus the writing of articles. He cross-checks and merges the information coming from remaining members to publish the final versions of articles too while also administrating both Twitter and Facebook accounts of Chartmasters.org. Additionally, he coordinates all contributors of the website.


Name:                    Hernán Lopez
Role:                      VP Physical Singles & Music Videos
From:                     Argentina
Favorite Artist:       Queen

Hernán has been contributing to Chartmasters almost from its beginning. He is in charge of estimates of all physical singles and music videos of all artists. In addition, Hernán also greatly assists as an expert on the Latin American market.


Name:                    Martin
Role:                      VP Monster sellers
From:                     UK
Favorite Artist:       Led Zeppelin

Even Guillaume, Hernan and Anthony have been actively working on it, publishing articles of monster sellers is always an extensive task. As a result, we still haven’t tried Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra who will require a titanic work. Martin is a Rock fan. Coupled with his interest for accuracy and charts & sales, he aims to complete researches on all major sellers. He joined us on that mission to prevent articles on these artists from freezing the website for too long!


Name:                    Raffi
Role:                      Spokesman
From:                     Hong Kong
Favorite Artist:       Mariah Carey

One of our first dedicated readers, Raffi is now part of our team. For many months he was always the first one commenting all articles with very detailed messages. Not to mention he was the first to point out every typo, even the less obvious ones. His interest in all artists, his understanding of CSPC’s mechanics and his ability to explain nicely everything does wonders in the comments section. He answers various comments, acting as our spokesman. Feel free to ask for detailed information as he can access all our Excel sheets when needed!


Name:                    Stephen James
Role:                      VP Update – Divas
From:                     Mexico
Favorite Artist:       Britney Spears

His highly-educated comments on Spears’ articles have made Stephen one of our well-known readers. Considering how many relevant artists are still missing on our CSPC studies, the already published content is rarely updated in spite of your requests. To make up for this issue, Stephen stepped in to update articles on Divas / Pop Culture stars on a much more regular basis!


Name:                    Thomas Christiansen
Role:                      VP Update – Classic Rock
From:                     Denmark
Favorite Artist:       AC/DC

Known for many years online as Dane, the dedication of Thomas to collect information about artists with a long-lasting appeal is impressive. While Stephen does his best to answer the huge demand for updates on divas, legendary Rock stars who sold mind-blowing quantities of records are equally important. As a fan of the genre himself, Thomas takes care of these updates. Moreover, he can also take the lead on writing some of the articles.


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