Justin Bieber albums and songs sales

CSPC Justin Bieber 202205 albums and songs sales cover

When everyone though streaming was going to end the career of teen singers like Justin Bieber, the Canadian superstar crushed records in this format thanks to 2015’s Purpose.

After returning with back to back efforts Changes and Justice, he dropped one more single with Honest this week. We review his outstanding results up to date.

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Drake albums and songs sales

CSPC Drake albums and songs sales

There are some artists that are around for a while, without ever being a major selling force, who suddenly just happen to become one. Drake is one of those artist.

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Harry Styles albums and songs sales

CSPC Harry Styles albums and songs sales cover 202205

Can he do something wrong? After smashing hard with boy band One Direction, English singer Harry Styles embarked into an amazing solo career.

Five years in, his first two LPs Harry Styles and Fine Line have been tremendous successes both commercially and critically.

As he returns with Harry’s House, led by the smash hit As It Was, we break down the numbers of all his songs up to date.

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Streaming Masters – Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar streaming masters

Kendrick Lamar is arguably the most critically acclaimed rapper of his generation. This doesn’t always translate into commercial success yet.

Is he mainstream? How popular are his songs? Check out his streaming numbers that tell us everything we need to know.

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Tuning of the CSPC formula

Tuning the 12-string

Ever since introducing the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept over 6 years ago, adjustments have been made to continue to be relevant with a market constantly changing.

As actors’ shares evolve and platforms become regulated, with Chinese sellers being a prime example along with YouTube, it requires our ratios for equivalent album sales to be aligned. In the same way, the overwhelming presence of features in today’s music industry must be addressed.

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Streaming Masters – Aaliyah

Aaliyah - streaming statistics

In the late 90s, Aaliyah was often seen as the next generation R&B/hip hop singer, as her nickname “Queen of Urban Pop” suggests. Two decades after she passed away way too young, let’s have a look to her streaming figures!

Since Aaliyah’s discography has been added to Spotify catalog in August 2021 only, her figures may be lower than the real popularity she has nowaday.

PS: Updated on April 9, 2022. These values are used for the automatic updates of artists and albums total instead of former ones from CSPC analysis.

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Travis Scott albums and songs sales

CSPC Travis Scott album and singles sales

Recently, four billboards were enough to create a lot of buzz about the potential comeback of Travis Scott with the much touted Utopia.

In the second half of the 10s, his rise to superstardom was unstoppable. When he seemed ready to take over the crown from Drake as the new top hip hop seller, the Astroworld festival tragedy put a huge question mark on the future of his career.

While what comes next is a real mystery, we review in numbers the discography of the Houston rapper.

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Streaming Masters – Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Currently #21 among artists with the most lead streams on Spotify and #8 among leading featured singers, Travis Scott is an outstanding force on digital platforms.

Today, we review his detailed breakdown, track by track, from unknown interludes to the biggest hits like Sicko Mode, Goosebumps and Highest In The Room. Ready?

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