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Edit an artist, album, or track

What we want here is to improve our tops and tools’ readability and unleash the power of filters! For that, we need to review the names, credits, release years, gender, musical genre, and so on.

So you can:

  • edit an artist‘s data (country of origin, langage, gender, genre, and birth and debut dates),
  • edit an album‘s data (title, artist credit, langage, genre, and album release date),
  • and edit a track‘s data (title, artist credit, langage, genre, and song release year).

How it works

The first step will always be to select your artist / album / track, either by name or Spotify ID. After that, you just update the fields where you know better and save.

Note that the titles and credits must follow specific guidelines to ensure consistency, they are explained as needed in each page. And we keep updates logs in order to restore the data if needed.

All set to contribute to ChartMasters?

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