Most popular artists on Spotify

How do you know which artists are the most popular on Spotify? Monthly listeners hardly tell you the truth of it and Spotify’s popularity index alone isn’t so easy to read. Here is a feel of artist popularity.

Most popular artists on Spotify

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Most popular artists – Methodology

What does this top mean?

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We know that the popularity index is both poorly known and not so user friendly as it’s an index rather than raw data.

Convinced of its importance though, we developed this page to retrieve the top 15 best performers of the platform, but also how many daily streams they recorded.

This last statistic, unique online, adds to the popularity index the concrete meaning it lacks.

In general, an artist will need 10 million daily streams to hit a score of 90, about twice as many streams as the global #1 hit usually gets.

You have read this correctly. An artist noted 90 gains a lot more streams than the current #1 smash. This just goes on to show how much a healthy catalog matters to become one of the most popular arstists on Spotify.

How do we build this top?

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The daily streaming total includes streams on which an artist is featured. The page also displays the 1-week evolution of the index.

We may miss the daily streams total for new entries in this list. No worries, this will last only 24 hours.

In fact, we store the data of the top 15, so it requires one more day of activity so that we can compare the last two daily totals.

Top 15 most popular artists on Spotify

Last updated on 12/01/22
RankArtistPopularityWeekly +/-Daily Streams
1TaylorTaylor Swift100=17,875
2BadBad Bunny98+155,084,195
4TheThe Weeknd93=32,945,914
52121 Savage92=
8JustinJustin Bieber90+117,008,781
9EdEd Sheeran90+116,369,981
10KanyeKanye West90=16,362,526
11HarryHarry Styles89=31,651,368
12ArianaAriana Grande89+117,558,541
14LilLil Baby89=
15JuiceJuice WRLD89+1

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