Most followed artists on Spotify

Here you will find our up to date list of most followed artists on Spotify, a piece of information on how your favorite artist is building momentum in the music industry.

If you are looking for the highest gaining artists in terms of followers, please visit this page.

Most followed artists – Results

Most followed artists – How it works

Our most followed artists list goes down to the #200 position. It’s updated daily, just like the statistic is on Spotify.

To build this list, we automatically retrieve the information for more than 2,000 major artists.

We will be adding newly increasing stars to make sure we remain comprehensive.

Having a lot of followers doesn’t guarantee your releases will always be hits. If you’ve got 20, 30, 50 million subscribers though, it’s safe to say you’ll remain relevant for many years.

So, whether it comes from new songs or past hits, these most followed artists are the ones which are building the most robust discographies, ultimately climbing up the ladder in our CSPC rankings.

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