Highest gainers in followers on Spotify

Past hits define most followed artists, but highest gainers in followers on Spotify tell you about the future! Find out the next big thing.

Indeed, raw streaming numbers tell you who amassed the most streams in the past. The popularity index says who’s gaining the most streams right now. Followers counts reveal who have the most traction to keep growing at a fast pace.

What’s the next big thing though? And who’s going to slow down? To answer this question, the most relevant indicator is how many fans artists are gaining.

This week’s highest gainers in followers on Spotify

Last updated on 06/06/23
RankArtistFollowersDaily GainWeekly Gain
1ArijitArijit Singh79,535,032109,481850,067
2TaylorTaylor Swift75,965,59781,643586,512
3TheThe Weeknd65,801,89652,138351,307
6SidhuSidhu Moose Wala19,425,27848,940372,626
7A.R.A.R. Rahman34,006,84641,394320,005
9BillieBillie Eilish81,352,10739,985292,371
10BadBad Bunny69,945,81439,369280,697
12PesoPeso Pluma3,962,02535,033265,274
14LanaLana Del Rey24,296,56632,583234,292
15KarolKarol G35,835,60230,190226,516
16ArianaAriana Grande90,872,19426,040184,374
18AnuelAnuel Aa29,548,54725,873185,161
20AnirudhAnirudh Ravichander18,979,88525,296190,855
22AtifAtif Aslam15,271,11623,685185,657
23EdEd Sheeran112,487,27323,629158,382
24GusttavoGusttavo Lima19,775,61123,597184,220
25JubinJubin Nautiyal11,232,88522,725184,896
26MetroMetro Boomin4,531,06422,545163,013
27SelenaSelena Gomez42,724,00021,189158,036
28RahatRahat Fateh Ali Khan15,009,86821,178168,396
29ImagineImagine Dragons48,127,64520,968134,932
30DarshanDarshan Raval10,567,37320,857160,766
32JustinJustin Bieber72,290,92819,987129,572
33ShreyaShreya Ghoshal17,884,54719,768156,931
34OneOne Direction31,335,10319,629123,788
37JuniorJunior H7,887,21718,762131,864
38MaríliaMarília Mendonça31,032,92118,639132,570
39DiljitDiljit Dosanjh16,345,75318,235139,070
40KatyKaty Perry27,318,97618,186131,677
42BrunoBruno Mars48,524,02417,251125,159
43XandXand Avião3,060,50416,687126,249
44ZéZé Felipe4,611,33716,608136,055
45StrayStray Kids11,444,81416,170103,040
46LataLata Mangeshkar9,638,11316,028126,745
48AlkaAlka Yagnik9,743,13915,687127,217
49KumarKumar Sanu10,475,34515,634126,629
50MCMC Cabelinho3,773,44315,310104,334
51SidSid Sriram12,001,73014,822115,894
52HarryHarry Styles27,755,14614,66988,476
53SunidhiSunidhi Chauhan14,505,46214,388114,149
54GuruGuru Randhawa15,584,18814,215112,883
55ArmaanArmaan Malik18,330,50114,097113,172
56AnaAna Castela1,743,08313,72697,036
57ArcticArctic Monkeys20,128,91413,21795,311
58YNWYNW Melly8,895,47813,19535,226
59UditUdit Narayan10,132,34813,176106,019
60DuaDua Lipa40,062,47513,15095,808
61YoYo Yo Honey Singh11,940,84013,150103,366
62NatanaelNatanael Cano6,993,06613,01697,983
64KendrickKendrick Lamar24,190,60812,90582,940
65JuiceJuice WRLD29,320,27312,89076,574
67NehaNeha Kakkar41,417,86812,689100,622
68AlanAlan Walker38,142,16112,65579,309
69S.S. P. Balasubrahmanyam8,041,38012,41693,899
70YuvanYuvan Shankar Raja10,145,52012,24890,733
72OliviaOlivia Rodrigo25,482,64112,03285,647
73JungJung Kook7,540,89112,00085,285
75SonuSonu Nigam12,149,31511,82094,056
77MileyMiley Cyrus20,951,01111,70679,749
80LadyLady Gaga26,673,84811,34786,208
83TylerTyler the Creator11,659,58711,06769,716
84CarinCarin Leon6,501,72210,92164,985
85MichaelMichael Jackson27,430,89110,84283,486
86RauwRauw Alejandro16,943,75010,75376,323
875050 Cent11,331,10210,74174,895
90PostPost Malone40,806,60510,67559,830
93MCMC STAN2,875,94410,30879,026
94MorganMorgan Wallen6,044,61010,30861,313
95CamilaCamila Cabello30,487,49910,27569,585
96J.J. Cole20,299,94810,22764,506
99KaranKaran Aujla5,031,79210,09074,691

Highest gainers in followers – How does it work

What does this top mean?

It’s all about the circle of life.

When you are a teenager, you get crazy about some artists and start following them. These new fans will stream their fave an awful lot for several years. As they get older, they will likely move on entirely from stanning, but will forever keep a lovely nostalgia vibe about their former fave, and play back a few songs from time to time.

That’s how a new fan today is someone who will grant you heavy streams for several years and consistency for even longer.

Frequently asked questions

What do the numbers mean?
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Our page currently lists the 100 fastest gainers in followers on Spotify and shows for each of them 3 statistics: total followers, daily gains and weekly gains.

The total followers data is important to draw the context. It’s not the same to gain 50,000 followers on top of 1 million or on top of 50 million.

Daily gains, on which the list is sorted, reflect what artists are exploding right now. If an artist makes the headlines one day, you’ll see the impact instantly.

Weekly gains give a better feel of who is organically climbing.

Will I always find my artist here?
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As there are literally millions of artists, and comparing the 1-day and 1-week evolution requires to store historical data, it’s impossible to be comprehensive.

However, here too we went through collecting data for a lot of artists, including all the ones tracked by CSPC articles, all artists with more than 2 billion cumulative streams, the top local performers from every relevant market as well as the current smashers of virals lists.

It takes a lot to gain over 8,000 fans in a day (the current cut for our top 100), so the list will be mostly complete. If you notice an omission, please comment it to us so that we add the artist to our tracking system.

Why have I noticed a data jump recently?
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From time to time, although it’s rare, Spotify purge data from deleted accounts and the likes.

It happened on May 1st, 2020, which concluded on half a million drops for both Ed Sheeran and Drake, to point out the main examples.

Billie Eilish has a weekly increase of 88,139. Her fans are recent and her current gains pace strong enough to overcome this huge purge in a few days only.

The largest raiser in this week has been Arijit Singh followed by Neha Kakkar, two Indian superstars. Spotify roll out in this country is only 1 year old, so they lost few fans from the purge. Also, they are very hot at the moment with increases of 30,000 and 20,000 per day, respectively. This goes on to show how meaningful the statistic is as Indian artists are poised to be among the big gainers of the switch to streaming.

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