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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 1965

Last updated on 09/27/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1TheThe BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)878,688,775558,530877,274
2TheThe BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)696,600,073441,679695,478
3TheThe TemptationsThe Temptations Sing Smokey607,029,339315,328606,052

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Act Naturally - Remastered 20098,402,4078,389
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)You Like Me Too Much - Remastered 20097,415,8617,404
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Tell Me What You See - Remastered 20096,947,9876,937
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)It's Only Love - Remastered 200912,407,89812,388
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Yesterday - Remastered 2009357,642,852357,067
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Remastered 200962,437,98762,337
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)I Need You - Remastered 200915,481,65915,457
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)The Night Before - Remastered 200926,100,00326,058
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Dizzy Miss Lizzy - Remastered 20097,292,7617,281
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)You're Going To Lose That Girl - Remastered 200929,461,52829,414
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)I've Just Seen A Face - Remastered 200944,093,93844,023
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Ticket To Ride - Remastered 200999,710,44199,550
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Help! - Remastered 2009192,047,774191,739
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)Another Girl - Remastered 20099,245,6799,231
The BeatlesHelp! (Remastered)878,688,775877,274
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Drive My Car - Remastered 200962,799,86762,699
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Wait - Remastered 200912,575,37012,555
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)What Goes On - Remastered 200910,978,84910,961
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) - Remastered 2009103,263,954103,098
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)In My Life - Remastered 2009195,244,687194,930
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)The Word - Remastered 200912,545,13712,525
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Run For Your Life - Remastered 200924,877,36924,837
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)You Won't See Me - Remastered 200929,603,51129,556
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Michelle - Remastered 200980,439,80480,310
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)I'm Looking Through You - Remastered 200935,567,91335,511
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Nowhere Man - Remastered 200953,114,55753,029
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Think For Yourself - Remastered 200913,544,59313,523
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)Girl - Remastered 200948,369,55848,292
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)If I Needed Someone - Remastered 200913,674,90413,653
The BeatlesRubber Soul (Remastered)696,600,073695,478
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyWhat's So Good About Goodbye440,141439
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyThe Way You Do The Things You Do69,791,60569,679
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyYou Beat Me To The Punch312,803312
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyWay Over There264,911264
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyYou've Really Got A Hold On Me1,156,2581,154
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyBaby, Baby I Need You468,594468
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing Smokey(You Can) Depend On Me306,131306
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyIt's Growing1,640,4361,638
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyWhat Love Has Joined Together - Album Version / Stereo1,033,7471,032
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyWho's Lovin' You - Stereo1,287,6941,286
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyMy Girl529,557,768528,705
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing SmokeyYou'll Lose A Precious Love - Stereo769,251768
The TemptationsThe Temptations Sing Smokey607,029,339606,052
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Hey, why in 1984 you count the Footlose Soundtrack as an studio album and “A Star Is Born” but any Hannah Montana album is in this chart?
“Hannah Montana The Movie” its now 700 million streams but I cant see it en 2009 list

Patrick Coley

This the best website


“Therapy” by Anne-Marie must be insanely close to making the list


“Our song” Is nearly at 80 million, “Don’t Play” Is at 70 million and “Kiss My Uh Oh” Is at 35 million. They are just 3 of the songs


I wonder if “Solar Power” By Lorde is close to being on the list


Not even close it’s at 180M and barely does over 1M streams daily


poor Lorde


Add trip at knight by trippie redd in 2021 it had 309M streams


Love yourself answer by bts???

Leylah Fernandez

is a shit album


The wrong version of KSI’s All Over The Place is used, it should be the Deluxe one, not the Platinum VIP Edition.

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