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Below ranking lists the votes of our users to know artists to be treated next on our CSPC series.

The weight of artists is based on expected sales. Weight 4 represents the biggest omissions up to date, 1 the weakest ones.

If you would like to vote too, please follow this link.

CSPC votes: the leaderboard

1Deep Purple3135405
2Jimi Hendrix3124372
3Luis Miguel3105315
4Iron Maiden378234
5Frank Sinatra444176
6Vladimir Vysotsky343129
8Julio Iglesias428112
9The Beach Boys425100
10Bing Crosby42496
12Def Leppard32575
13Adriano Celentano23774
14Pearl Jam32472
16Diana Ross32163
17Boyz II Men22652
19Johnny Cash31648
23Kanye West21938
25Tina Turner31133
28Ricky Martin21632
30Lionel Richie31030
32Neil Diamond4624
33Willie Nelson4624
34Yumi Matsutoya21122
36Hikaru Utada21020
37Lynyrd Skynyrd21020
38Aretha Franklin3618
39Dr Dre2918
40Gloria Estefan3618
41Roberto Carlos3515
42James Brown3515
43Cliff Richard3515
44ZZ Top3515
45Jay Chou2714
46Toni Braxton2714
47Depeche Mode3412
48Reba McEntire3412
49Motley Crue11010
5050 Cent2510
51Namie Amuro2510
52Simply Red339
54Linda Ronstadt326
55MC Hammer236
59Eros Ramazzotti224
60Kenny Rogers414
61Duran Duran224
62Lil Wayne224
63Janis Joplin224
64Beastie Boys224
66Lenny Kravitz224
67Andrea Bocelli313
68Nana Mouskouri133
69Cyndi Lauper133
70Grateful Dead133
71Marvin Gaye313
72Barry White313
73Dolly Parton133
74Earth, Wind & Fire313
75Dixie Chicks212
76Paula Abdul122
77A.R. Rahman212
78Luther Vandross212
79Alejandro Sanz212
80John Cougar Mellencamp212
81Matchbox 20212
82Carole King212
83Luciano Pavarotti212
84Ace Of Base212
87Limp Bizkit111
5 3 votes
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Would any of these artists be eligible for requests?
The Temptations, The Isley Brothers, Snoop Dogg, Hall & Oates, Heart, John Mayer, Josh Groban, Nat King Cole, Johnny Mathis, Sheryl Crow, Faith Hill, Anne Murray, Joni Mitchell, LeAnn Rimes, Sarah McLachlan, Enigma, Pet Shop Boys, Milli Vanilli, INXS and Savage Garden.

Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee, Laura Pausini, Zucchero, Peter Maffay and Marius Müller-Westernhagen.

Last edited 13 days ago by worldcitizen

Hi worldcitizen! Among the International acts you mention here I doubt most of them reach any of the criteria, except INXS with “Kick” maybe. Nat King Cole is already in the voting list. For the local acts many of these are indeed close calls. I don’t think the two Italians sold enough. The Latin acts should get there rather soon I think, especially Bad Bunny. The Germans are a bit harder to say for sure about due to so high certification levels in Germany at the time. I can see on discogs that Peter Maffay has some healthy GDR sales… Read more »

Last edited 12 days ago by Al

Hello MJD and member of chartsmasters.org !!

Even if i’m not a paid member, i’d like to see Toto analyzed I think I will only deserve to be analyzed also for their 2 celebry songs like Africa and Hold the line which are respectively on Spotify with 961.796.450 plays and 324.003.674 plays I hope you answer me.


Thanks for bringing up Toto. They might meet the 15m for an album requirement with Toto IV when I think about it, I’ll see if we can add them to the voting.
Btw, you can give 3 votes for free just by registering 😉

Last edited 13 days ago by Al

thank you Al, I would be very pleased if you add Toto too, you were very kind to answer me right away.


Hi Al !!!

Since you are a very polite person, I would like to ask you if they could update U2, they think that after their last studio album Songs of Experience we have perhaps exceeded 200 million equivalent albums sales.
I hope you answer me.


Hi again!

I won’t rule out the possibility of a voting page for artist updates similar to this one in the future.


It’s a little strange to not see Clapton on the list, I know MJD had him at 130m albums over 10 years ago, and that wasn’t even including his many successful bands like Cream or Derek & The Dominos…

I voted for Genesis though 😆 I think it would be a nice companion piece to the Phil Collins article.


You can vote for him actually, the biggest surprise is that no one have!


I just realized that Rod Stewart’s CSPC total includes the Faces albums (even though he only sang on half of their songs), so that means Clapton’s total should probably include the Cream and Derek & The Dominos albums, and that would mean a CSPC total of maybe… 165 million ? Close to Mariah Carey ? Doesn’t that mean he should be studied ?


Not sure what will be included, but as I said you can vote for him. He’s definitely well past 100m regardless.

Last edited 3 days ago by Al

Well sure, I can vote for him, and then he will be… 73rd in the list ?

My point is, I think it’s weird than someone who’s potentially top 20 of all time isn’t planned to be studied.


The artists you can vote for are exactly artists we will study. He has the weighting of 4 too because he’s such a big seller, if you give 3 votes to him he will enter the top 50. I’m definitely voting for him in the next round as well.


Who do you think the highest seller not studied yet is? Other than Frank Sinatra who I’m assuming is the biggest

and how’s the wighting done is it 4 is everyone over 100m, 3 is everyone over 70m, 2 is 50m, 1 is has an album over 15

Last edited 3 days ago by ojd

Neil Diamond Eric Clapton are the only one left (outside of Frank) that has a shot at 150m I think.

There are a few more likely 100m+ sellers, The Beach Boys probably lead among these. The 4 weighting doesn’t necessarily mean they are over 100m, it’s just a good possibility based on old estimates. Here are some big wildcards too like Johnny Cash and Roberto Carlos with a 3 weighting,


thank you so much! Although I haven’t voted for hi, I’m actually excited for a Neil Diamond analysis because Sweet Caroline is seemingly his only song that’s stood the test of time commercially speaking and with the amount of compilations he sold it must have a very large CSPC total


Absolutely! I will be very surprised if it’s no the biggest song we haven’t studied


I’m really surprised to see Vysotsky on that list. I barely knew his name and didn’t think he had been so popular. Must have been a USSR-only singer.


Hehe, he’s definitely one of the artists few would expect here. I uncovered a bit of his sales from USSR shipment codes in this article. His numbers there are quite stunning for sure.

Last edited 16 days ago by Al

But how could you study him, if tons of his releases are missing from the USSR post (not just for Vysotski, for everyone)?


Most of his major releases seem covered by codes. I just wasn’t in the mood for checking all for him entirely until his eventual CSPC article, we’re talking several hundreds of receipts here. So the 17m I got back then is far from the total all his codes will cover. I suppose we’ll see what to do when all his available codes are collected. Discogs owner data will for sure be to big help to fill holes here. I haven’t checked what info local newspapers etc posted about him back then too. We’ve never studied a Russian act before either… Read more »

Last edited 3 days ago by Al

i know they haven’t been studied yet, but how much do you think Jay-Z and Kanye’s total CSPC number is


500m EAS each


is it cocain or LSD


Probably around 80m and 65m respectively if I were to guess. Could be very very off though.
We’ll just have to wait for MJD to get through them coz there’s a lot of more requested artists left ig.

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