CSPC: Bob Dylan Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 4 – Breaking the Chain


Bored of being considered the voice of his generation, Bob Dylan dropped what he himself rated as a joke, Self Portrait, an album with various covers of pop and traditional songs recorded as country songs with an unfamiliar voice for the artist. Heavily bashed by critics, the album is still getting some plays from Spotify although it has no hit at all.

Back to more Dylan-esque sounds, New Morning was home for The Man In Me, which registered more than 6 million plays, and If Not For You, the first Top 10 hit of Olivia Newton-John a few months later, helping the famous Grease star to get her breakthrough that would result into an immensely successful career.

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  1. He is no doubt a great singer and song-writer!I can,t wait to read posts about another great jewish artist and of of Columbia’s Bs- Barbra Streisand

  2. Hi dear MJD !!!

    more and congratulations for the web site.
    Then it is very beautiful analysis for Bob Dylan, is very detailed even with the various live and many bootleg, you really are a very great scholarly and studious of these great artists (singers and groups). this week I hope you analyze some famous group that I mentioned to you earlier, they are (The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Queen etc.), of course the four groups I mentioned I hope you analyze for first Fab Four (The Beatles).

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