Tuning of the CSPC formula

Tuning the 12-string

Ever since introducing the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept over 6 years ago, adjustments have been made to continue to be relevant with a market constantly changing.

As actors’ shares evolve and platforms become regulated, with Chinese sellers being a prime example along with YouTube, it requires our ratios for equivalent album sales to be aligned. In the same way, the overwhelming presence of features in today’s music industry must be addressed.

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Travis Scott albums and songs sales

CSPC Travis Scott album and singles sales

Recently, four billboards were enough to create a lot of buzz about the potential comeback of Travis Scott with the much touted Utopia.

In the second half of the 10s, his rise to superstardom was unstoppable. When he seemed ready to take over the crown from Drake as the new top hip hop seller, the Astroworld festival tragedy put a huge question mark on the future of his career.

While what comes next is a real mystery, we review in numbers the discography of the Houston rapper.

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Streaming Masters – Travis Scott

Travis Scott

Currently #21 among artists with the most lead streams on Spotify and #8 among leading featured singers, Travis Scott is an outstanding force on digital platforms.

Today, we review his detailed breakdown, track by track, from unknown interludes to the biggest hits like Sicko Mode, Goosebumps and Highest In The Room. Ready?

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Collections madness #1: France

Beatles Altaya LP collection

What if I tell you that there are 3 billion album sales lost in the nature? Sales that have been ignored by both charts and certifications.

These sales bring millions of units to many artists. How is this possible, and who benefits the most from them?

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2Pac albums and songs sales

CSPC 2Pac albums and songs sales totals

Tupac Amaru Shakur, known as 2Pac, is a legend among legends, enjoying a near mythical status among rap fans and more. With each his life, his music career and his death worth a TV series, there are a lot to say about the New York City artist.

Killed 18 months after his real breakthrough in the US, and spending nearly half of this time in jail, 2Pac claims no less than 10 platinum albums in his homeland.

How is it possible? How many records have the late rap icon really sold?

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Streaming Masters – 2Pac

Amazingly prolific, 2Pac left behind a catalog of well over 500 songs although he couldn’t live past 25. The biggest icon of the hip-hop culture, he remains a selling force to this day.

Check out the mind-boggling numbers of his songs on various streaming platform sites, which are as high as some of the most successful records of our days.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda albums and songs sales

CSPC Lin-Manuel Miranda albums and songs

Although you possibly never heard about him, Lin-Manuel Miranda is one of the most decorated artists of our day.

Responsible for smash cast recording Hamilton as well as Moana‘s soundtrack, he will impact 2022 with another big album from Disney’s roster, Encanto.

Today we wonder if his commercial live up to the hype of his resume which is filled with Grammy Awards, Tony Awards, Emmy Awards, Pulitzer Prizes, and more prestigious honors?

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Jimi Hendrix albums and songs sales

CSPC Jimi Hendrix albums and songs cover

Breaking through the US main audience in 1967 and releasing his last studio album in 1968, Jimi Hendrix was a flying star in the rock music scene of his time.

In spite of his very short career, passing away at 27 in 1970, his imprint is indelible in the history of music. He brought guitar play to another dimension while dropping multiple classic tunes in the making.

As every new musician goes through a Hendrix phase during their learning process, his commercial success is also far greater than one might expect given his apparent small output.

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Streaming Masters – Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

More than 50 years after his passing, Jimi Hendrix and his music remain popular to this day.

All Along the Watchtower, Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Little Wing… with a catalog full of hits, we digged Spotify, YouTube and the likes to know which songs are the biggest.

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Iron Maiden albums and songs sales

CSPC Iron Maiden albums and songs cover

Intense music, brilliant lyrics, impactful visuals, outstanding live performances, when you put together a whole identity that you carry on for decades, it ends up almost natural for your brand, Iron Maiden, to gain an almost religious status inside your community.

Satanists for some, an outlet from the everyday life and its struggles for others, the heavy metal legends leave no one indifferent. As time passes, the latter perception becomes more and more common. Wearing one of their iconic t-shirts will most likely get people look at you with a smile than anything else.

Up to 17 studio album since the release of Senjutsu, the discography of Iron Maiden keeps growing while retaining its mythical status. If something is poorly covered on media yet, it is their commercial success. We remediate it.

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