Blind Faith albums and songs sales

CSPC Blind Faith album and songs sales

It would take blind faith to believe a group can start with a jam session in January, announce its formation to the press in February, recruit members in May, perform in front of 100,000 in June, release a #1 LP in July, and disband in August.

Yup, these were crazy days, days that saw the new Eric Clapton project, Blind Faith, become one of the most famous shooting stars of the history of rock.

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Cream albums and songs sales

CSPC Cream albums and songs sales

From 1966 to 1968, power trio Cream have been incredibly prolific and innovative with releases like Fresh Cream, Disraeli Gears, Wheels of Fire and Goodbye.

By the end of their run, their hype was massive, with their entire catalog charting high on both the US and the UK. As part of our Eric Clapton‘s career review, we study their sales figures in-depth from their debut to date.

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Streaming Masters – Cream

Cream streaming

Maybe the highest rated Eric Clapton related project, Cream are responsible of some timeless rock classics like Sunshine of Your Love and White Room.

Often seen as the first ever Supergroup, the trio recorded together for barely two years. How are they performing on streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube over half a century later?

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The Yardbirds albums and songs sales

CSPC Yardbirds albums and songs sales

The Yardbirds are far from being the most famous English rock band from mid-60s, yet they are definitely unique.

In the last Rolling Stone‘s 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time, household names Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck ranked at 2, 3 and 5, respectively. In a span of 18 months, in 1965/1966, all 3 of them were part of the band’s line-up, although only the last two coincided.

When singer Keith Relf and drummer Jim McCarty left in 1968, Jimmy Page carried on initially as the New Yardbirds, before quickly changing his new groups name to, Led Zeppelin. The rest is history.

Today, we kick our Eric Clapton career review with the Yardbirds‘ CSPC, a band that launched big names but still had its own share of hits.

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Streaming Masters – The Yardbirds

Yardbirds streaming

By late 1965, the Yardbirds were one of the hottest bands around, securing UK and US top 10 hits with multiple releases.

Up to the 90s, the popularity of their former member Eric Clapton drove their catalog, but even these days seem long gone. How does this situation translates into streaming numbers?

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Lana Del Rey albums and songs sales

CSPC 2022 Lana Del Rey albums and songs sales

Hype or consistency. Albums in particular and artists in general hope to get one of those two types of success.

The global impact of the 2012 album Born To Die upon release was immense for an unknown artist. How does Lana Del Rey, now up to 7 studio albums, perform a decade after her single Video Games went viral on YouTube?

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Streaming Masters – Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

With a discography now up to over 150 songs, Lana Del Rey did a lot since breaking over the general public in 2012.

Her early singles were among the first tracks to gain relevant numbers on streaming platforms, when these were just getting started. How are they doing 10 years in?

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Taylor Swift albums and songs sales

CSPC Taylor Swift 2022 albums and songs sales

As years pass, the stature of Taylor Swift continues to grow. She is one of the most powerful woman on Earth as well as one of the most successful female artists of all-time.

The thing is, she made it to this level at barely 32. She is still very active and the general public interest in her remains incredible.

Today, we review her career in numbers to see where she stands against her peers at the moment and how high she may end up. Results are stunning.

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Streaming Masters – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift streaming

Taylor Swift moved from a rising country music star to a global hit maker. Her impressive album sales have been praised since day one.

In the last 2 years, the icon released as many as 4 albums, folklore, evermore and the newly recorded versions of Fearless and Red.

With her powerful catalog and a busy new release schedule, how high are her streams through audio and video platforms?

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Billie Eilish albums and songs sales

CSPC 2022 Billie Eilish albums and songs sales

Billie Eilish is such a household name since 2019 that it is hard to believe she is still only 20.

No matter how hyped they are, can artists really belong to the top sellers at this age and with a tiny discography?

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