Go through music industry’s amazing journey

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Music Industry – The Past

Page 3: Century XIX – Pre-recordings era

What’s the music industry?
A media-less industry

Page 4: 1880s/1950s – Let the music play!

The first record player
Records reach everyone’s home
The first popular singers
From singles to albums

Page 5: 1958/2001 – The modern day era

Singers-songwriters re-vamp the entire industry
We are all artists
New marketing tools
The CD thriller

Music Industry – The digital years

Page 6: 2002/2005 – Deployment years

Years of contradiction
A worrying albeit promising new actor

Page 7: 2006/2012 – A continuous growth in sales

The inflection point
A world of specialization

Page 8: 2002/2012 – A continuous drop in sales

No Money No Party
Majors are under threat

Page 9: 2013/2015 – The switch

Bye Bye Sales
Hello Subscriptions
A new business model
A dizzying explosion

Music Industry – The Future

Page 10: Downloads vs Streaming, the war is open

Digital world changed our habits
… and raised our expectations
To own or not to own
Boundaries of streaming world

Page 11: 2020, Streaming in full force?

A service more valuable than ever
Upcoming changes of environment
Trade value of the music industry in upcoming years?

Page 12: My Dear Old CD – Le Roi est mort, Vive le Roi!

Streaming alternatives? Paranoid Android
The definitive solution

2018, We are living the streaming era

Page 13: Everything in its right place

Page 14: Charts & certifications

The whole globe adjusts in time
The lack of norms
Remaining debates

Page 15: Money, get back

Content Costs
Number of streaming users
Time frame of subscription
Family & Student plans
How much we do really pay
Platforms key indicator is the number of users, not revenue

Page 16: The new global map

China to challenge the US?
The example of the movie industry
The new market distribution
Lower income population best represented

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