Olivia Rodrigo albums and songs sales

CSPC Olivia Rodrigo albums and songs sales

Unknown a mere 8 months ago, Olivia Rodrigo is undoubtedly the biggest success story of the year.

Her album Sour, led by super smashes Drivers License and Good 4 U, is breaking records every week. We review the singer’s numbers.

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Olivia Rodrigo Albums Sales

Figures listed in this section reflect pure sales of long playing formats, either albums, compilations or videos. Streams are excluded.

CSPC Olivia Rodrigo album sales breakdown

Olivia Rodrigo Songs Sales

Figures listed in this section reflect all metrics of songs’ sales, these are audio streams, video streams, and sales (physical singles, downloads, ringtones).

These numbers are converted into Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS), formula below.

( Spotify streams * 310/207 + Genie streams * 3.05*2 + AWA streams * 100/5.5 ) / 1500 + ( QQ views* 50(or 5) + YouTube views ) / 11750 + Digital sales (DL+RT) * 0.15 + Physical sales * 0.30

CSPC Olivia Rodrigo singles sales and streams

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Olivia Rodrigo CSPC Results

In the following results table, all categories display figures in equivalent album sales. If different, pure sales are listed between parentheses.

#CoverAlbumTotal CSPCSales*StreamsTotal CSPC
Studio AlbumsOther LPsPhysical SinglesDigital SinglesLast verifiedAuto updateDaily Increase
Av.: 11,620
LD: 9,450
*Pure sales figures updated on 08/24/21.
'Av.' stands for Average, 'LD' for Last Day.

As a reminder:

  • Studio Album: sales of the original album
  • Other Releases: sales of compilations generated thanks to the album
  • Physical Singles: sales of physical singles from the album (ratio 3/10)
  • Download Singles: sales of digital singles from the album (ratio 1,5/10)
  • Streaming: equivalent album sales of all the album tracks (ratio 1/1500 for Audio stream and 1/6750 for Video stream)

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The streaming era requires time to amass large numbers. Consumptions are spread over time, unlike pure sales which were counted entirely when the purchase was done.

With 8 months of spotlight, half of which without even an album out, Olivia Rodrigo already climbs to 5.34 million equivalent album sales. At 18, the future is looking very bright for the American star.

Singles CSPC results

The list is compiled in album equivalent sales generated by each song. Therefore, these figures are not merged units of singles formats. Instead, it includes weighted sales of the song’s physical single, download, ringtone and streaming as well as its share among sales of all albums on which it is featured.

1. 2021 – Olivia RodrigoDrivers License [Sour]1,270,000
2. 2021 – Olivia RodrigoGood 4 U [Sour]950,000
3. 2021 – Olivia RodrigoDeja Vu [Sour]620,000

Dynamic Spotify Key Performance Indicators

Please note that numbers below are retrieved automatically, so they will evolve day by day unlike previously listed data which is valid as of the publication date of the article.

Olivia Rodrigo


Current followers count: 18,208,474
18,000,000 followers have been reached on 06/25/22
17,000,000 followers have been reached on 05/23/22
16,000,000 followers have been reached on 04/23/22
15,000,000 followers have been reached on 03/22/22
14,000,000 followers have been reached on 02/19/22
13,000,000 followers have been reached on 01/22/22
12,000,000 followers have been reached on 12/29/21
11,000,000 followers have been reached on 12/06/21
10,000,000 followers have been reached on 11/11/21
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Olivia Rodrigo is #67 among the most followed artists of all-time
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Current streams count: 8,208,510,099
8,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 06/10/22
7,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 03/11/22
6,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 12/09/21
5,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 09/22/21
4,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 08/01/21
3,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 06/25/21
2,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 05/30/21
1,000,000,000 streams have been reached on 03/23/21
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Olivia Rodrigo is #94 among the most streamed artists of all-time
Popularity Rating: 85/100

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Current monthly listeners: 40,582,368 (Trend: -1,794,466)
Global chart position: #43
The artist top 50 cities come from 24 distinct countries
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Se is probably already a streaming giant. So happy for her!


Why are her outside spotify numbers so awful…

Last edited 10 months ago by matt

Bcoz she is local to west only. Her label put her on covers of playlists in asian countries, but still flopped.


She’s mostly successful in Asia and the West


Not you guys down voting a comment of someone who knows how famous she actually is especially in Asia


It takes time to break into Japanese and Korean markets. Considering how recent she is and that’s she’s still growing there it’s not too bad. She’s huge in many Asian markets already though like Indonesia and the Philippines


Her industry plant game is super strong. No way it is organic. And now she has to give credits to artists everywhere after release of album, including 50% royalty to hayley. Bco she stole , can’t afford lawsuits and she acts like she brought new music, when it is copy of earlier 2000s pop rock. Her numbers in asian market are terrible, despite being put on top od playlists there and her fans say she is not an industry plant lmao

Last edited 10 months ago by Eminemfan

you’re mad


I recognise a bts stan when I see one lmao How sure are you that hayley gets a 50% cut for a songwriting credit? Did you get this info on stan twitter?

The song only had the same chord progression with misery business, she did not entirely copy the song. Her team should not have given them writing credits. They might have granted them credits to avoid possible plagiarism proceedings and also the added pressure from stans who keep on perpetuating this silly notion that she’s unoriginal and an industry plant.


U can use if n whats. Her team knew they stole. Thats why since album’s release she has credited so many people. Pop rock music stealer. She is queen of stealing. And now u can make excuses and there is article. U can go n search. 50% credit. And she is unoriginal. Copying every damn artist and pop rock music which has been done before. If she was so original, she won’t be crediting every tom dick harry since album’s release.. she did copy u know that. Stealer. And me being BTS fans means here nothing. They are actual asians… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Eminemfan

This is supposed to be a non toxic community. I didn’t see much people getting toxic in other artists’ articles like Mariah’s or Whitney’s, but why is it that some anti Olivia is here? New Artists who blow up in 2020-2021 are always hated on. You guys pick and choose. Despite many “plants” having the same flaws as Olivia, why is she the only one who gets the hate? Is she the one who created that concept of a plant?

Last edited 10 months ago by Drewwwwww

I know a non Filipino when I see one


That was one hell of a debut album, it’s going to reach the top 5 most streamed of all times on spotify with ease considering the longevity it’s showing. Crazy… will be interesting to follow what she comes up with next


I’m hoping it gets 6 million soon.


Longevity it’s showing? It just came out…


thank you so much for this!


Olivia is kinda the first female teenage POP superstar since Taylor/rih/bieber
her career will probably end up way past 100 million tbh


it’s still WAY too early to say, but if she can sustain her appeal for a long time then i can see it happening


I don’t think it’s too early
also the music industry is much bigger now than it was during the digital era which should help her more.


It is too early.. she has one project out. She can easily disappear by her second era like a lot of celebrities with a huge debut


yes people could’ve been saying that about Cyndi Lauper & Tracy Chapman back in the 80’s but it’s just impossible to tell.


Ok so both were too early… nobody said Olivia won’t just that it’s too early to tell


It could be a Britney Spears situation. Her first album isn’t as big as BOMT, and I doubt that her 2nd album will be comparable to OIDIA, but you get what I mean. If she ever releases a 2nd album, it might have similar results to SOUR, and maybe the 3rd album might do weaker but still successful. She does have the support of streaming, both YouTube and Spotify, and her downloads can give her lots of potential too. I think she still has lots of potential, considering she’s the most popular artist among the youth today.


Look at what happened to Billie. Her second album is a massive downfall from her debut.

Same thing could happen to Olivia.


Billie is alternative like avril
olivia is pop


Isn’t Billie’s sophomore album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Because in that case it’s the opposite of her downfall


they meant happier than ever, but that album has still been successful and acclaimed, it just lacks the smash hit of bad guy and the unnecessary hate train that social media put on her before the albums release somewhat decreased its impact

Last edited 10 months ago by obro

I think Billie’s first album is don’t smile at me


downfall??? The album has only 1 month of release, it went 3 weeks to # 1 on Billboard 200 and already sold more than 300k pure copies worldwide and the album has more than 2 million units with pure + tea + sea 😒


It hasn’t even gone gold yet… It’s a major flop…


You mean nothing? She isn’t doing any tricks rn and so is Taylor.


Nah. Her debut wasn’t as strong as the ones you mentioned. Olivia’s style is too derivitive to really have as much longevity as a Taylor Swift. I estimate a 80 – 90 million career total if she goes for 3 decades. Maybe it might pass 100 million if she goes for 4 but by then she’ll definitely lose a lot of steam and have to rely on old music sales. Even in the third decade that might be increasingly the case.


doja next?


what’s the “1,000” in the Other LPs section in Orphan ???? where does that come from

Anthony Blanchard

Hi L145!
It comes from “Best Of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, which contains only orphan tracks.


you guys could’ve waited for a week or two for this 😭 her vinyls are shipping this week granting her her biggest pure sales week yet (she’s moving 100,000 in the US alone)


as this week it’s projected that sour will hit again #1 in billboard 200 with 141k because of vinyls, did you take in account the vinyl sales of this week? (past week sour sold 57k in the us)

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