CSPC: Justin Timberlake Popularity Analysis

Justin Timberlake

Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Justified (2002) – 1,215,000 equivalent albums

Señorita – 1,130,000
Like I Love You – 730,000
Cry Me a River – 2,780,000
Rock Your Body – 3,260,000
Remaining tracks – 200,000

FutureSex/LoveSounds (2006) – 4,350,000 equivalent albums

SexyBack – 11,310,000
My Love – 5,740,000
LoveStoned / I Think She Knows (Interlude) – 2,100,000
What Goes Around… / …Comes Around (Interlude) – 5,260,000
Summer Love / Set the Mood (Prelude) – 2,460,000
Until the End of Time – 1,530,000
Remaining tracks – 600,000

The 20/20 Experience (2013) – 1,829,000 equivalent albums

Suit & Tie – 4,850,000
Mirrors – 6,540,000
Remaining tracks – 800,000

The 20/20 Experience – 2 of 2 (2013) – 668,000 equivalent albums

TKO – 800,000
Take Back the Night – 670,000
Drink You Away – 710,000
Not a Bad Thing / Pair of Wings – 1,970,000
Remaining tracks – 300,000

Man of the Woods (2018) – 71,000 equivalent albums

Filthy – 210,000
Say Something – 210,000
Remaining tracks – 50,000

Orphan – 7,181,000 equivalent albums

Where is the Love? – 4,530,000
Signs – 950,000
Give It to Me – 3,600,000
Ayo Technology – 3,150,000
Rehab – 2,320,000
4 Minutes – 5,150,000
Dead and Gone – 6,700,000
Love Sex Magic – 2,050,000
Carry Out – 3,100,000
Holy Grail – 4,510,000
Love Never Felt So Good – 3,470,000
Can’t Stop the Feeling – 6,440,000
Remaining tracks – 1,900,000

Each era of Timberlake had a completely different context. Justified came out a couple of years before the creation of iTunes. The format needed a few years to grow, meaning all units achieved by hits like Cry Me A River and Rock Your Body happened when they were already catalog titles. With this in mind, the 8 million units sold by songs from this album are impressive.

FutureSex/LoveSounds was released and promoted while downloads and ringtones were booming. SexyBack is the best illustration of this situation as the song sold 4,9 million downloads and 3,6 million ringtones in the US alone. Its global total is at 11,3 million units. My Love and What Goes Around…Comes Around were big hits too with more than 5 million copies sold a piece. LoveStoned and Summer Love are both 2 million sellers while Until the End of Time ends on 1,5 million, with more than half of its sales coming via ringtones. This string of big hits push the total of digital sales for this era to a massive 29 million.

By the release of The 20/20 Experience, ringtones were dead but streaming was only just getting started. Both Mirrors and Suit & Tie were huge at 11,4 million combined, but when the promotion switched to the volume 2, results were no where near as good, although Not a Bad Thing sold 2 million units.

Man of the Woods comes out in a streaming world when downloads have been seriously damaged with the market down more than 50% during the last 4 years. Its singles are also recent with very modest sales up to date.

Aside from all album eras, Timberlake participated in several smashes. He sold more than 6 million units with his 2016 massive seller Can’t Stop the Feeling from the Soundtrack Trolls. The T.I. song Dead and Gone also sold well with sales surpassing 6 million. As many as 8 other collaborations, including titles with Madonna and Michael Jackson, sold in the 3 to 5 million range.

Combining all his songs, Timberlake cracks the 9-digits mark with some 102 million digital sales without involving streams.

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Hi, can you update his sales? It’s been a long time since the last update and it would be nice to see if anything has changed.


what is justin timberlakes total for the 2000’s


Why is sexyback so low?
It sold over 8m in the US. 5m digital sales (despite being 3x plat) and is certified for over 3m ringtones.


4 minutes in madonna’s popularity analysis has 5,050,000
4 minutes in justin’s popularity analysis has 5,150,000
both digital sales
which one is the right one?
or has 4 minutes sold 100k during august 2017(madonna analysis) and february 2018 (justin analysis)?


OUTSOLD britney spears since he was released as solo artist. The sales of justified are more than britney’s self titled album…. I don’t understand how people here can say that JT neve had a huge success besides he dominated 2006-2007.
Any album from Bruno and Bieber had the same sales as Futuresex/Lovesounds sold



You are wrong. Justified didnt sell more than “Britney”. Britney self title album sold 10.1 million copies while Justified 8.5 million. Justin is nowhere near as big as Britney was.


Britney was released in 2001,Justin was still in *NSYNC.He out sold Britney since he went solo

Last edited 2 years ago by Jennifer

Not quite 😉

Britney (2001) – 10,110,000 pure – 13,047,000 CSPC
Justified (2002) – 8,550,000 pure – 11,247,000 CSPC

In fact, even “In the Zone” surpasses “Justified” in terms of CSPC despite having three singles!


Gets to show she was bigger


So he out sold Britney since he went solo


Justin is at 54m CSPC while Britney is at 110m+. In what world did Justin outsell Britney?


honey britney has him beat with nearly doyble the album sales in total. dont get brave, loser

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As a singer who started from a popular boy band, Justin Timberlake is doing pretty well. He has surpassed total EAS of N’Sync and has stayed relevant as a solo artist for 16 years and counting. Well, I really couldnt think of any music artist who started with a popular group and became a successful solo artist and stayed relevant with that span of time and counting. He has longevity but… My big issue with JT is that he doesnt seem to really focus on his music career. I mean I know creating music is not about sales but sales… Read more »


He could never have been as big as his competitors like Bruno, Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse or J.Bieber imo. Because he was to busy with his film career. His filmography is bigger then his discography. Says it all, really.

Alisson Costa

I did not understand what the reason you’re saying in the comments that JT never had was as big as his competitors like Bruno, Ed Sheeran and Bieber.
I think the FutureSex / LoveSounds era was huge and I would like to better understand your statement. I’m new to the readings on this site.

Alisson Costa

Reading the information you gave me, three questions came to me about JT’s career. First. Was it detrimental to the period he spent focusing on movies and forgetting his singing career, thinking of the fact that he could have achieved his greatest success by releasing an album in 2008 or 2009? Second. Would not it be unfair to compare Ed Sheeran, Bruno or Bieber considering they started their career in the age of youtube and spotify rise, and the JT in that decade is already considered a veteran? And it really does not have much popularity on youtube, not even… Read more »


Even if he was not to focus on his movies career. I doubted he will make that huge of an impact in terms of “Global” success. He is an R&B singer, and R&B singers always finds it tougher to sell outside of the English speaking world. If you look at Beyonce’s sales, a huge percentage of sales came from the English speaking countries, but in certain countries such as France or Germany (Which both is the top 5 biggest music market in the world), her sales are pathetic. When you look at Usher’s Confession album which was a huge success… Read more »


I don’t know exactly why, but I never liked the artists who are at the same time both singers and actors. 🙂


No singer/actor for you?
How about:
1. Frank Sinatra
2. Elvis
3. Sting
4. Oh yeah……..none of them have been done yet ……(better include police when doing Sting…….even if you do seperate it)

Honorable mention……….Rod Stewart (Play it to the bone…….I know I’m reaching, but really dying to see Rod [Jeff Beck/Faces included}


You forgot David Bowie, too. He had a cameo appearance in the Twin Peaks. 🙂


And I’m pretty sure Mick Jagger was in Freejack.


Will Smith? He released four studio albums.