CSPC: Bee Gees Popularity Analysis

Bee Gees Way-1=

Physical Singles Sales – Part 6
Staying Alive (1983) – 363,000 equivalent albums

The Woman in You – 760,000
Someone Belonging to Someone – 450,000

E.S.P. (1987) – 741,000 equivalent albums

E.S.P. – 170,000
You Win Again – 2,290,000
Angela – 10,000

One (1989) – 264,000 equivalent albums

Ordinary Lives – 240,000
One – 640,000

High Civilization (1991) – 186,000 equivalent albums

Secret Love – 570,000
The Only Love – 50,000

The flashy days were over by the 80s for the group. With that said, the Gibb brothers were still capable of dropping big hits. One of them was You Win Again, which did wonders in Europe. After more than 65 million singles sold, remaining able to always drop a 2 million seller is quite meritorious.

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Giovanni Cuozzo

Great job!
Any chance to also include solo albums from Barry and Robin?
For sure they sell lesser than Bee Gees album, but I have never seen any estimation.

Juan Cristobal Guzman

The Top 100 Most Streamed Songs, By Decade in the USA
Stayin Alive the most Streamed song of the 70s in the US.
1950s Mack The Knife, Bobby Darin 24.03 M
1960s Hey Jude. The Beatles 84.74 M
1970s Stayin Alive The Bee Gees 244.37 M
1980s Billie Jean Michael Jackson 450.72 M
1990s I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston 315.17 M
Source: On- Demand U.S Streams (Audio and video combined) According to Nielsen Music

Juan Cristobal Guzman

Stayin Alive has reached over 400 million views on YouTube since 2009

Joe Brennan

Collecting all the potential “feat” instances will be quite a task, so I will not expect it. You’ve already done a lot. Starters would be the Barry and Robin solo albums at least. Most of the “feat” I can think of would be just 1 or 2 brothers, so whether that counts as Bee Gees, I am just not sure. You have to draw a line somewhere. One thing I would have put in are the pre-1967 Australian albums, but since they were almost exclusive to Aus and sales were not much, they would not make much difference in what… Read more »

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