CSPC: Bee Gees Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales – Part 4
Mr. Natural (1974) – 93,000 equivalent albums

Charade – 120,000
Mr. Natural – 190,000

Main Course (1975) – 1,305,000 equivalent albums

Jive Talkin’ – 1,910,000
Nights on Broadway – 1,140,000
Fanny (Be Tender with My Love) – 730,000
Edge of the Universe – 570,000

Children of the World (1976) – 1,557,000 equivalent albums

You Should Be Dancing – 2,380,000
Love So Right – 2,160,000
Boogie Child – 640,000
Children of the World – 10,000

The Disco turn taken by the Bee Gees from 1974 paid off big time in singles sales. During this period, their flagship Jive Talkin’ sold close to 2 million copies while hitting the top spot in the US. More than selling well on its own, it paved the way to subsequent singles.

Everything they released, including non-European singles, started to move past half a million units. Both LPs Main Course and Children of the World fully enjoyed those hits with big equivalent album sales.

In total, the band crossed the 30 million mark in physical singles sales in during that era, completely breaking the idea of the Bee Gees becoming big thanks only to Saturday Night Fever.

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Giovanni Cuozzo

Great job!
Any chance to also include solo albums from Barry and Robin?
For sure they sell lesser than Bee Gees album, but I have never seen any estimation.

Juan Cristobal Guzman

The Top 100 Most Streamed Songs, By Decade in the USA
Stayin Alive the most Streamed song of the 70s in the US.
1950s Mack The Knife, Bobby Darin 24.03 M
1960s Hey Jude. The Beatles 84.74 M
1970s Stayin Alive The Bee Gees 244.37 M
1980s Billie Jean Michael Jackson 450.72 M
1990s I Will Always Love You, Whitney Houston 315.17 M
Source: On- Demand U.S Streams (Audio and video combined) According to Nielsen Music

Juan Cristobal Guzman

Stayin Alive has reached over 400 million views on YouTube since 2009

Joe Brennan

Collecting all the potential “feat” instances will be quite a task, so I will not expect it. You’ve already done a lot. Starters would be the Barry and Robin solo albums at least. Most of the “feat” I can think of would be just 1 or 2 brothers, so whether that counts as Bee Gees, I am just not sure. You have to draw a line somewhere. One thing I would have put in are the pre-1967 Australian albums, but since they were almost exclusive to Aus and sales were not much, they would not make much difference in what… Read more »

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