CSPC: Bon Jovi Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2 – The band hey-days


Streaming results of Slippery When Wet almost look mistaken. On one side, it owns three terrific hits. Livin’ On A Prayer is one of the biggest 80s song with 128 million streams to date, You Give Love A Bad Name isn’t that far at 93 million. Wanted Dead Or Alive at 47 million almost seems weak in comparison to its colleagues but it would be the signature song of many notable acts with such a high result.

In the other side, several tracks are still very far from 1 million plays. All tracks from Metallica‘s Black Album, Led Zeppelin‘s IV or Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours stand at 5 million or more. Actually, as incredible as it may seem, even ABBA albums Arrival or The Album do not have tracks as low as Social Disease. The 200+ factor between two consecutive tracks like Livin’ On A Prayer and Social Disease is pretty unique. It highlights that very few people reach Bon Jovi own Spotify page, with instead an awful lot of listeners from general playlists or that added a couple of their songs into their personal playlist.

Still, despite the lack of consistency of their albums, the strength of their hits are enough to grant almost half a million album equivalent sales to Slippery When Wet. New Jersey has a similar pattern at a lower level. The various tracks with very low numbers at the end are songs added to the 2014 extended edition of the album.

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Any update bon Jovi total sell?..because the data from 2016…how about in 2022.years…how much



Thomas Christiansen

Strangely when I use the Spotify Tool for Bon Jovi their “Crush” album is not included in the results. Some hits are included (like “It’s My Life” on GH), but album tracks are not.
The album is available on Spotify, so I wonder why???

Thomas Christiansen

I see, thanks.
Too bad, the album should have been on the list of top streaming albums of 2000.

Here in Denmark “Crush” is available on Spotify. So I found the figures as of today 28/1/2021: Order of track list 1 It’s My Life – 492,594,466 2 Say It Isn’t So – 4,448,522 3 Thank You For Loving Me – 58,295,841 4 Two Story Town – 2,867,660 5 Next 100 Years – 1,678,920 6 Just Older – 2,414,127 7 Mystery Train – 1,494,669 8 Save the World – 1,421,409 9 Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars – 2,276,688 10 She’s A Mystery – 1,221,687 11 I Got the Girl – 1,064,712 12 One Wild Night – 2,755,961… Read more »


I have a questioni MJD. The utent Erlando in the first comment asked Two months ago of are there any update about bon Jovi total sell ( expecially the phisical ones) because the data are from 2016 and now se are in 2022 years. Thanks and good work. You are the most ccurate ihave seen in the web.


A lot of figures for Slippery When Wet in this article :


Including 28k in France by july 87. Since you’re saying “N/A” for France I assume that maybe you haven’t seen this ?