France Album Sales: Mylène Farmer

Mylène Farmer mai 2015!

Almost exactly 30 years ago way back in November 1986, a new artist was enjoying her first big hit by reaching the Top 10 Singles Chart. What seems to be a random happening was in reality the signature of a singer that would end up being one of France biggest success stories of all-time.

By then, Canadian-born Mylène Farmer was 25 and struggling to reach fame with several acting and singing attempts. One song later, she was the most iconic music act of the country. The huge hype she was able to create around her remained insanely hot for over 15 years.

As atypical as mythical, the superstar legends also surrounded her charts and sales achievements all along her career. Nowadays, in popular press it is hard to identify valid statements on this subject. Well, at least until now!

During the next pages we will be studying carefully all information with detailed results of her entire discography. Please be aware all Spotify figures refer to worldwide streaming as they only aim to display which albums still have strong catalog hits as of now. Let’s go!

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