CSPC: Shania Twain Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

1993 Shania Twain – 2,300,000
1995 The Woman in Me – 16,000,000
1997 Come On Over – 33,500,000
2002 Up! – 11,400,000

Now that’s a truly unusual trend. Starting so slow – even lower considering nearly all Shania Twain’s sales came after the following albums – to climb so high so fast is no doubt impressive. Although a strong drop compared to its immediate predecessor, Up! has been a fairly solid seller too.

With a mere 4 albums, Shania Twain amassed 63,2 million studio album sales, a massive average of 15,8 million copies per album that climbs to 20,3 million when focusing on the last three. Up to a gigantic 33,5 million, Come On Over features among the very top selling albums of all-time.

If on absolute terms those figures are already utterly incredible, what’s even more is the breakdown. While the crossover to countries like France, Germany or Mexico is undeniable, Come On Over sales in those territories are limited in comparison to its sales in English-speaking places. In fact, with 27,5 million copies sold in the US, the UK, Australia and Canada, the album is beaten by very, very few albums there. In the other side, its sales in Asia are quite small, even abysmal for such a worldwide juggernaut. Those sales, logically lower in various places, make the artist’s cumulative sales within’ so few years all the more impressive.

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