CSPC: Michael Jackson Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 4

Combining Spotify and YouTube streams, as many as 4 songs from Bad crack the 300 million mark. The remaining 5 songs issued as singles back in the day are in the 14-45 million range on Spotify. Speed Demon also continues the string of unbelievably strong album tracks at more than 10 million. The 8 outtakes added to the 25th anniversary edition all have over 1,5 million streams too. Those all-around golden numbers amount for 662,000 equivalent album sales.

Dangerous too is pretty amazing. The total of 364,000 equivalent album sales is lower, but still stunning nonetheless. The comparison with history-making albums like Thriller and Bad is kind of unfair. If we compare it to U2‘s Achtung Baby, a very solid Rock smash released at the same time, Dangerous crushes it by almost 2 to 1. Black Or White tops 100 million on Spotify and 8 more songs have a rounded 10 million or more. Among them is the title track, which is one more non-single that is up to massive numbers.

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