CSPC: Kylie Minogue Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

1988 Kylie – 5,040,000
1989 Enjoy Yourself – 2,320,000
1990 Rhythm of Love – 910,000
1991 Let’s Get to It – 270,000
1994 Kylie Minogue – 440,000
1998 Impossible Princess – 250,000
2000 Light Years – 1,220,000
2001 Fever – 6,330,000
2003 Body Language – 1,230,000
2007 X – 960,000
2010 Aphrodite – 750,000
2014 Kiss Me Once – 230,000
2015 Kylie Christmas – 270,000
2018 Golden – 100,000

At 20,26 million units, Minogue‘s studio albums average less than 1,5 million sales. This unimpressive figure is made even worst when we consider that her career happened when the album market was peaking, that her 12 albums outside Kylie and Fever add for less than 9 million and that the UK and Australia provided her with healthy sales all along her career.

In fact, her sales display extreme patterns. Light Years shifted 800,000 units in the UK and Australia combined against a mere 420,000 copies elsewhere. Albums like Enjoy Yourself, X and Kylie Christmas sold roughly half of their copies in the UK alone.

Expectedly, Fever ends up as her most global album to date with more than 4 million units sold outside of her two strongholds. It remained a one-off as Body Language completely failed to sustain this success.

Please notice that 100,000 units for Golden reflects the minimum amount shipped by the album on its first week.

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