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Original Album Sales – English Discography – Comments

1990 Unison – 3,400,000
1992 Celine Dion – 5,700,000
1993 The Colour Of My Love – 16,600,000
1996 Falling Into You – 28,100,000
1997 Let’s Talk About Love – 29,800,000
1998 These Are Special Times – 11,900,000
2002 A New Day Has Come – 9,400,000
2003 One Heart – 4,400,000
2004 Miracle – 1,900,000
2007 Taking Chances – 3,400,000
2013 Loved Me Back To Life – 1,700,000

Despite an extensive career, Celine Dion hasn’t issued that many English albums. In total, only 11 with two of them being of some distinct nature, the Christmas record These Are Special Times and the concept album Miracle.

Still, this was enough to move 116,3 million albums. I know many fans will block on both Falling Into You and Let’s Talk About Love albums being set under 30 million. After deeply going into all information available, excluding the wrong data that has been around for long – like Billboard clear typo on Let’s Talk About Love sales in Latin America, where it was on 1,2 million rather than 2 million by 1999 – figures listed previously are the most realistic you can get.

Apart from debates, what may be recorded from those sales is how she was able to sell 95,8 million albums with a mere five consecutive records, from The Colour Of My Love to A New Day Has Come.

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