CSPC: Kylie Minogue Popularity Analysis


One month away from her 50th birthday, Kylie Minogue is back with her 14th effort, Golden. The Aussie icon has been through a long and hilly road since her debut hit Locomotion. We all remember her early teen pop hits as well as the ground-breaking comeback Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, but apart from these two periods her career seems much more obscure.

Often described as the rival of Madonna, we begin to wonder how legitimate this is. Indeed, if she only recorded a pair of successful eras out of a dozen, she is hardly a Queen of Pop, not even the Princess as she is nicknamed. She isn’t a nobody though as shown by the #1 debut of Golden in both the UK and Australia. So, where is the truth? How big Minogue really is?

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Minogue‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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Her career is not impressive at all, like 80% of her albums are huge flops! Even Fever doing 6,4 million in 2002 was nothing to brag about. Rihanna, Gaga and many other artists who debuted in the digital era outsold her with 2xless albums. Not to mention that Loud or Born This Way sold more than any of her albums despite being released 100 years ago when everyone and their mother was doing 10 million worldwide. And people dare to call Rihanna a singles artist. I am sure than even J.LO sold more albums than this overrated woman whose fans… Read more »


The impact of Kylie goes beyond the numbers. It has survived decades with quite popular songs on radios in the United Kingdom, Austraia and much of Europe. It is a matter of seeing the Euro Airplay ranking. And if we have to talk about finished races we can mention Gaga, who despite his enormous popularity, only had 3 numbers 1 on Billboard and his last global hit was 7 years ago when he is still young. The thing about Rihanna is absurd, she sells very little in albums and it’s quite difficult to keep the same regularity of hits when… Read more »


Rihanna sells little albums? She sold 33 million physical albums. That is more than Kylie did and Rihanna had the disadvantage of being in a less favourable era where albums don’t sell.

Just look at Kylies fever and Rihannas Good Girl Gone Bad and you will see Rihanna sells more albums.


Great. Thank you for the update. Question about streaming part, for youtube views. Maybe I’m wrong, but for somes others artists, did you count the views from other channels beside the officials one ? Cause, for Kylie, the management on youtube is horrible and a big part of her views are from fans channels. It’s the case for the majority or her songs in the 80’s and 90’s, the views are bigger on others channels than her official account. – Manys videos are more views with only one link by a fan than her official channel and so bigger than… Read more »


MJD, how do you explain that she has nearly 0 sale in South America whereas 2 of the 5 cities where she’s the most listened to on Spotify are Mexico City (more than 110k listeners) and Santiago (almost 50k listeners). How did they ever find out about Kylie if she never sold a thing in their countries ? I’m just wondering. 🙂
She also has 46k listeners in Istanbul. I know the market’s low over there but maybe she’s had some success in the Near East.


You should add these two facts to her records and achievements, which really speak of her longevity in the business:

1. She has scored a #1 album in the UK in four consecutive decades (80s, 90s, 00s and 10s)

2. She has also had at least one top 10 hit in the UK across the same four decades.



Thank you ! Very interesting, as usual. It’s no wonder she’s so overrated over here in Europe, since that’s almost the only place on earth she’s been successful. Many people here think she’s had that kind of carreer elsewhere too, but no. Her carreer path reminds me a little of Cher’s before she had her Believe comeback album. Many ups, many downs, a very dedicated gay fanbase but very little following outside of it.


Except that Cher had several more comebacks than Kylie, and is considered a legend worldwide. She’s had a comeback in the early 70s, late 80s, and late 90s, and each time sold from 20-30 million records, totalling to more than a 100 million, which is all the general public needs to know about a celebrity – a total of sales, net worth and awards, only ‘stans’ go into so much detail and comparisons. Plus, Cher’s a way more accomplished actress and TV star than Kylie, who’s already 50 and will unlikely see a comeback as big as the one with… Read more »


Well, you may be right, but as a matter of fact Kylie’s much more popular and well-known in Europe than Cher’s ever been (except for the Believe era, of course). And I’m a huge Cher fan but, as a European I must say that’s the truth. Of course Cher’s carreer is much more impressive.
Anyway, I’ll stop here with the comparison.


Kylie Minogue more known than Cher???

What are you smoking?


I’m European too and can say that Cher is definitely much more well known and successful in Europe than Kylie (apart from UK of course, but Cher’s stats in the UK are quite great too). Anyway, the difference in of album sales in these countries is enough of a proof: Kylie: Germany – 1,385,000 Italy – 270,000 Spain – 480,000 Sweden – 140,000 Netherlands – 205,000 Switzerland – 240,000 Austria – 115,000 Cher: Germany – 3,400,000 Italy – 900,000 Spain – 1,000,000 Sweden – 1,000,000 Netherlands – 500,000 Switzerland – 500,000 Austria – 450,000 Cher’s ‘The Shoop Shoop Song’ from… Read more »


Who would have thought that a sort-of popular music artist in the late 80s, and most people, including herself have already thought she already reached her peak those early years, as her next albums released have been selling poorly, then after 10 years, she actually outdid herself and became more popular in the 2000s.


I agree, I always find it impressive when an artist has their biggest era when they are far into their career. You don’t see that very often.

On another note, her streaming numbers are really hurting her totals…they are basically non-existent for most albums. It seems even her UK/Aussie fans aren’t even streaming her older albums.


I think is very clear your dislike of Kylie by the way your refer to her… I suspect you might be biased.



I think, it has something to do with the intro. And that instead of emphasizing in comparing her to Madonna, maybe you could have provide a more positive intro. Or if you have to compare her to Madonna, at least in a positive note like she was compared to Madonna due to her success in UK, but not to the extent of comparing sales between both especially that the difference is pretty, pretty huge that for me, it was kind of unnecessary/unimportant.


I believe statements like “Although a relatively low seller by his personal standards, Taio Cruz’s Higher is far and away the top selling song on which Minogue participated with 2,5 million sales”, “his [Kylie’s] catalog is milked over and over in order to sell the same songs to the same fans various times”, “the heavy exploitation of Minogue’s catalog also includes tons of remix albums”, or “Live albums of Minogue have exactly the same role as remix albums: milking her fans. Since it works, why would they stop” fuel the sense of empathy towards her. Especially the last ones could… Read more »


You arbitrarily decide what singles are worth, when now someone can download a single for $1 but before cost sometimes $4+ which ultimately hurts an artist like Kylie who had huge single success early on in her career.

In addition your ‘popularity’ aspect is really pointless as it ignores things like Tours and other things that might make someone popular. In this aspect, being a TV actress.

You also ignore things like radio plays, which was streaming before streaming was cool. Kylie had huge success on radio.


He didnt ignore the single aspects. A physical single receive a 0.3% weightings, whereas a digital singles receives a 0.15% weighting. As far as radio. You must know the fact that radio era is not the same as the streaming era. During the radio era, if the singles are doing well on radio, people will straight away buy the album. In the streaming era, if its doing well on radio and streaming. Nobody’s going to buy their physical CD still except for their die hard fans. Plus, the concept of radio and streaming are totally different. Kylie really wasn’t that… Read more »


I didnt expect much from Kylie so her total was not a shocker.

But i’m still impressed that despite she started in the late 80s, she was able to become very popular worldwide again in 2001.


You know your sales are wrong where is ultimate Kylie? Which sold over a million in the UK alone. All the lovers had sold over 300,000 in the UK alone too. The rest of this article also contains n/A sales and misleading sales so is factually inaccurate and there for void of all credibility

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