CSPC: Kylie Minogue Popularity Analysis

Part 1 – Compilations 1992-2004

There is two kind of compilations from Kylie Minogue: with or without Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. This single is so strong inside her discography that when it belongs to a compilation the impact is massive. In fact, more than half of sales from Ultimate Kylie are powered by Fever‘s singles.

As far as her earlier compilations are concerned, the main strength provider is easily Kylie.

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I can’t believe that Kylie is so popular in UK, but her sales are very average


Kylie Minogue sold over 80 million albums worldwide.
Yet you get to the number 25 million?

This site is a big CON.



On what planet did Kylie sell 80 million albums? Certainly isn’t Earth.


Wow terrible stats for someone who is called big celebrity in non american markets. She is Australian selena gomez without us market. And her sales in europe as a whole are average at best.

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