CSPC: Jackson 5 & The Jacksons Popularity Analysis

Remaining Long Format – Part 9 – Box sets

When studio albums do not contain songs strong enough to get retailers to stock them, there is still a way for majors to gain purchases from retailers. The main tool is obviously the compilation which merges strengths of a catalog together for casual buyers. All artists have die-hard fans though, so to make sure they get all the studio album box sets cheaper than the combination of all its albums happen to be relevant. Here they are with sales re-assigned into the original albums.

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Just curious, did you add the total of video sales from MJ solo and Jackson 5? Hope those weren’t counted 2wice.


In the case of Queen, their Greatest Hits 1 & 2 alone are well above 50 mill.
I think there are only 3 more artists with the shot of being above 200m: Queen, Elton and Elvis. The latter has a chance of breaking 300m, though i doubt it.

Marlon Serpa

I can’t wait to see Michael’s article. OMG


Are you combining Michael Jackson’s total with these like you did for Beyonce with DC?


When will we ever get a Michael Jackson CSPC. 🙁

Marcus André

Only a few albums were not certified Gold/Platinum, that’s great! 60s and 70s albums didn’t sold a lot of copies by then, with some few exceptions.


Not a huge showing………..but the boost to MJ’s solo material is going to be significant

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