CSPC: Madonna Popularity Analysis

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Digital Singles Sales – Part 2
Who’s That Girl (1987) – 77,000 equivalent albums

Who’s That Girl – 310,000
Causing A Commotion – 155,000
The Look Of Love – 50,000

Like A Prayer (1989) – 509,000 equivalent albums

Like A Prayer – 2,100,000
Express Yourself – 525,000
Cherish – 315,000
Oh Father – 100,000
Dear Jessie – 100,000
Keep It Together – 50,000
Remaining tracks – 200,000

I’m Breathless (1990) – 203,000 equivalent albums

Vogue – 1,150,000
Hanky Panty – 50,000
Remaining tracks – 150,000

Ironically, while mid-80s are truly regarded as the peak of Madonna‘s hype, Vogue and Like A Prayer, especially the latest, stand as her signature songs. At more than 2 million digital sales, Like A Prayer is the flagship of her catalog. It is always the first track to reenter charts all around the World as soon as the news around the diva are hot, like when she performed on the Superbowl in 2012.

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Your numbers for sales before 2010 are so incomplete! I can’t believe you’re spreading false information this way! Some of Madonna physical singles even sold twice what you wrote they did! You should really contact her Record Labels to get the real info but not sure they have it available to get it to you (if they are lazy to even re-certify albums that sold multiple platinums more in some countries (for over 3 decades) I wouldn’t be that helpfull. Some of your single sales for Madonna are just US + UK and a little more sales (when those singles… Read more »


Why don’t you post your sources for these sales? If you have the “correct” information, then provide the sources to back it up.


Imo LIB was the most commercially successful Madonna single. Although it was released as the 5th single of the album, it managed to outsell all previously released with the exception of PDP which was released before the album release, which obviously boosted sales. Had it been the other way around, I believe the numbers would be like more than 5m for LIB and about 2 m for PDP. And if one takes into consideration that LIB, a summer anthem, as the 2nd single would be released in the beginning of summer 1986 and not in February, or the fact that… Read more »


She’s a spent force , get over it. Most successful single of all time ? Your having a laugh l😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂


He said La Isla Bonita is Madonna’s most successful single, Not all time best.


Maybe that’s what he meant but the last paragraph does state “the most commercially successful single of all time”, not her most successful.

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After reading Madonna’s popularity analisys, the first thought I have is what if Youtube and Spotify would be exist since 1985, and the instant reply is that she would be still the biggest female artist of all times, easily in the top 3. Beside, she is the most pirated artist in all times (leaked albums, black market, piracy), countless unofficial channels in Youtube with her videos, shows, performances with dismissed views, etc.


Are you guys including the new versions of Frozen’s remixes in the Ray Of Light EAS? The song became viral on tik tok and she took advantage and realeased A LOT of versions. YOUTUBE: Madonna Vs Sickick – Frozen (feat. 070 Shake) 1,4 Milion Madonna Vs Sickick – Frozen (Firebou DML Remix) 7 milion Madonna – Frozen (Sickick Remix) | Circles Bob – Frozen (TikTok Remix) 11 milioon Madonna Vs. Sickick – Frozen (Sickick Remix) 8,3 milion Madonna Vs. Sickick – Frozen Remix – 2,7 milion = 30,4 milion on youtube One version of these on Spotify has more than… Read more »

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