CSPC: Shania Twain Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2 – Since Jagger & More


No song from Up! reaches even 10 million, confirming Shania Twain’s very average results on streaming. All tracks are over 700,000 plays still so it isn’t that bad either.

Among the Orphan Album tracks, there isn’t much to highlight except the Michael Bublé collaboration song White Christmas which will become her biggest streaming track within’ a few days.

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Luuk Reinders

Shania’s album Now sold 600.000 units in the year of release. It has certified sales of 80.000 in Canada, 60.000 in the UK and 233.800 in the US

Luuk Reinders

Source for the 600.000 sales can be found here:


The pdf under ‘music Granada’ page nr 27 of the pdf 😉

Schermafbeelding 2022-09-30 om 10.56.15.png

Hey , When were these pure sales updated? It says Feb 5th 2022 in the breakdown table but on the main “best selling artists” page, it says May 12th 2016. Is there a difference between the two? Which date is the correct one? Thanks!


Very good! can you please post the breakdown of Greatest Hits?


currently in physical copies it has sold the most in the world Jagged little pill o Come on over ?