CSPC: Celine Dion Popularity Analysis

In the wind

Physical Singles Sales – French Discography

At 6,8 million, French singles of Celine Dion have been quite good sellers overall. Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore is her French signature song.

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 3 ratio between one album and one physical single.

Early Matieral Album (1981-1987) – 510,000 equivalent albums

D’Amour Ou D’Amitié – 800,000
Une Colombe – 100,000
Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi – 300,000
Additional Singles – 500,000

Dion Chante Plamandon (1991) – 135,000 equivalent albums

L’Amour Existe Encore – 50,000
Ziggy (Un Garçon Pas Comme Les Autres) – 400,000

D’Eux (1995) – 660,000 equivalent albums

Pour Que Tu M’Aimes Encore – 1,600,000
Je Sais Pas – 600,000

S’Il Suffisait D’Aimer (1998) – 240,000 equivalent albums

Zora Sourit – 200,000
S’Il Suffisait D’Aimer – 400,000
On Ne Change Pas – 200,000

1 Fille & 4 Types (2003) – 75,000 equivalent albums

Tout L’Or Des Hommes – 200,000
Et Je T’Aime Encore – 50,000

D’Elles (2007) – 21,000 equivalent albums

Et S’Il N’En Restait Qu’Une – 70,000

Orphan Album – 411,000 equivalent albums

Calling You – 20,000
– 50,000
Sous Le Vent
 – 950,000
Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas
 – 200,000
Tous Les Secrets
 – 50,000
Additional Singles – 100,000

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Cromwell Reyes

Hi admin. Kindly check the name of Celine Dion in the Best Selling Artist page. Its spelled C@oline Dion or something. Thank you


Please update it, would love to see the sales for Encore un soir now and courage


it won’t be anytime soon

Last edited 1 month ago by Meca76
Falling Into You

I just noticed that this page was made just 28 days since the release of Encore Un Soir (that’s why it only has 800k). Would love to get an update of Celine Dion and Courage sales to be added too.


Question, where did the sales of ANDHC, One Heart and Taking Chances go? Because the singles from those albums didn’t do wonders in the charts, maybe overseas yeah but in the Billboard Charts, not so much. I was surprised the sales cam close to self titled album

Falling Into You

She’s an album artist. Some of the biggest rock artists who are also in the top 15 best-selling artists of all time barely had any #1 hits and they have albums that sell 30 million or more.

Laundry service

Would be nice see some update over here


we’ll see in 10 years.


Hey is it possible to see Celine Dion’s sales per country, just like the others? Itll be interesting 😉


S’il suffisait d’aimer finally reached 5 million eas, her eight record to do so 👑


Hope we get to see Celine a dion global heat map soon 🙂


Hope you can add atleast the pure sales for Courage album. Interesting it got 113k from streaming alone.


Five Years now


It will be 10 years.

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