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Here comes a bizarre situation of an artist who issued more music videos than compilations / live albums combined. All in all, Shania Twain got very good sales in this format. Some of those music videos are albums-themed, which explain why 100% of their sales are assigned to the same studio album. Remaining releases which feature songs from the entire artist discography, Come On Over easily dominates.

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    1. Hello Mat!

      To be honest, I’m myself surprised as the album have been claimed so high for so long. In fact, I found no evidence at all of any kind of sales in Asia, not even ok-ish, the album did well in India and that’s it. In total, Asia plus Latin America plus Africa only add for 1,5 million while remaining sales are fairly well documented, so there is very little room for errors really.

      1. Thanks for answer!

        I’m shock! Haha

        The question is! What is the best selling female album of all time?

        Thank you!

        Please! Mariah, Whitney and Janet!

        Hugs from Brazil!

  1. now that is a shocker! always thought her come on over album would end up being the best selling or second best selling female album ever after whitney’s the bodyguard. wonder if alanis morisette’s jagged little pill would end up with a higher cspc total. btw you mentioned celine dion in the article but did not have her name tagged with the other names :p
    fantastic work once again!

  2. Nice that you did Shania and The Weeknd.

    Do you plan to analyse P!nk at one point? Even though there’s no plan for a new album, she’s been in the music industry for 16 years and has gone through CD singles, downloads and streaming. Therefore she would be an interesting case to study IMO.

    1. Hi Innocent Eyes!

      Definitely I’ll be working on P!nk sooner than later! She did incredibly well for many years now and has a very decent total no doubt.

  3. Pretty surprised to see LTAL being more successful than COO! But come to think of it, it could be explained by a lot of factors. First, is the fact that Shania didn’t release an album for over a decade, making lots of people and the new generation forget about her, while Celine remained on the radar since the new millennium. Hence, the lower streaming figures for COO. Another thing is how massive MHWGO was, one the most iconic and remembered songs in history. While COO had a bunch of successful singles, all of them combined can’t match the juggernaut that was MHWGO. Finally, Celine released numerous compilations albums while Shania only released 1. Moreover, Celine’s ATW album was huge! Hence, more sales are generated to LTAL.

    Still, with less than 10 years being an active superstar (1995-2003), Shania’s almost 80m album sales equivalents are fantastic! Taylor Swift, who was deemed as this generation’s Shania Twain, will take a long time to match Shania’s total (55m vs 80m)

    Looking forward for your next projects MJD! If I could remember, you have plans to analyze Whitney Houston, David Bowie, Usher and many more. Hope to see them soon, and keep up the good work!

  4. Hi everyone!

    Here are the 10 Shania Twain’s tracks that have generated the most sales:
    1 1997 Man! I Feel Like a Woman! [Come On Over] – 13,230,000
    2 1997 You’re Still the One [Come On Over] – 10,260,000
    3 1997 That Don’t Impress Me Much [Come On Over] – 9,650,000
    4 1995 Any Man of Mine [The Woman In Me] – 8,070,000
    5 1997 From This Moment On [Come On Over] – 4,430,000
    6 1995 Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under? [The Woman In Me] – 3,390,000
    7 2002 I’m Gonna Getcha Good! [Up!] – 3,080,000
    8 2002 Forever and for Always [Up!] – 2,620,000
    9 2002 Up! [Up!] – 2,080,000
    10 1995 No One Needs to Know [The Woman In Me] – 1,900,000

    If you have any questions / remarks, do not hesitate to let a comment!

  5. You really should proof read your articles before posting. All of the spelling and grammatical errors tend to make you look unprofessional and possibly unreliable.

    1. Hello Cindy!

      Thanks for your comment as this is really something I’m concerned about. I just ended to proof read the article and fixed a few issues, but I’m sure you saw many more. In fact I’m not from an English-speaking country and I’m still not fully able to avoid language errors. Making the overall picture look unprofessional due to the form rather than the content is painful for me as I put an awful lot of efforts in figures accuracy.

      If you are a regular reader and interested on it, some help from you would be really welcome!

  6. I think we have to trust Shania Twain herself about her album sales. Shania said in the spotlight she sold 40 million copies of her Come on over album a few years ago.

    1. Hi Slagelse,

      Of course not. That figure is pure wishful thinking, there is absolutely no way it sold that much. For all albums there is a margin of errors but for an album with information so well documented a gap of 7 million or even 3 is simply not possible.

  7. Hi dear MJD !!!

    Congratulations for CSPC analysis Shania Twain; perhaps you’ll be boring or repetitive but I’m just curious to know after the legendary Rolling Stones, which group those mentioned by me earlier, you will try to analyze. I hope you answer me soon !!!
    Yours sincerely

      1. Dear pat200

        I asked a simple question as indeed you do often for each analysis, it is useless to get angry about nothing, relax, stay cool friend.
        I do not speak in your posts with MJD because I’m an educated person, then the expert is MJD, not you !!!

  8. i am very relaxed and definitely not angry. my questions are always related to the artist being discussed, not continuously asking who is next. you always get the same reply: wait and see, and yet you keep asking the same question, even though you should have had a clue by now. but i guess being the educated person that you are, you need time to process the most obvious things 😉

    you are welcome to chime in on my posts if you have something constructive to say. i do not understand what being educated has to do with not commenting on my comment if it adds value. in fact educated people do chime in because discussions are great which is why we come here to check the comments to see if the users are starting an interesting discussion or giving more info on the artist that was just studied.

    1. Hi Tlfan,

      There is no difference between net shipment and actual sales for such old records that haven’t been selling notable amounts for years. The 35 million figure is just an inflated figure.

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