CSPC: Phil Collins Popularity Analysis


Records & Achievements

  • At 27,602,000 equivalent album sales, Face Value is the 2nd most successful album from 1981.
  • At 16,598,000 equivalent album sales, Hello, I Must Be Going! is the 3rd most successful album from 1982.
  • At 30,956,000 equivalent album sales, No Jacket Required is the 2nd most successful album from 1985.
  • At 29,736,000 equivalent album sales, …But Seriously is the most successful album from 1989.
  • At 25,090,000 equivalent album sales, In the Air Tonight is the most successful song from 1981.
  • At 14,310,000 equivalent album sales, You Can’t Hurry Love is among the 5 most successful song from 1982.
  • At 19,230,000 equivalent album sales, Another Day In Paradise is the most successful song from 1989.
  • Phil Collins is one of the two persons who sold over 100 million equivalent album sales both as part of a group and as a solo act.
  • At 15,140,000 pure album sales, Phil Collins is the highest selling international solo act of all-time in Germany.
  • At 15,300,000 pure album sales, Serious Hits… Live! is the 3rd highest selling live album of all-time.
  • At 3,225,000 pure album sales, …But Seriously is the highest selling international album of all-time in Germany.
  • At 9,640,000 pure album sales, …But Seriously is one of the best selling albums of all-time in continental Europe.
  • …But Seriously was the 3rd fastest selling album ever in the UK upon release with 250,000 sales during its first week. Issued 42 days before the end of 1989, it closed the year on 1,17 million sales.
  • From 1984 to 1990, Phil Collins registered 13 consecutive Top 10 hits in the US, 7 of which went to #1.
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Just one question, how do you guys measure ASR?


I think it’s would be a very good idea to do the same work for Peter Gabriel and, first, for Genesis…
We’ read here that Phil Collins and Paul McCartney are the only artists who are above the 100 million sales for their work with their solo career AND for their main band. For Macca, the work has been done, and well done, IMO.
But for Phil Collins, we just have a part of the picture… Hope for Genesis CSCP in the next future… Fingers crossed !


Genesis is top 10 on the requests list. You can vote for them here.


“But for Phil Collins, we just have a part of the picture”

I couldn’t agree more, basically half of his career hasn’t been studied, which is a little strange considering we have Sting/The Police, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Neil Young/CSNY, Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel…etc.

His total with Genesis would be around 255 million EAS, i.e. more than Madonna. I think he deserves a complete study of his career.