CSPC: Elton John Popularity Analysis

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Page 4: Original Album Sales – Empty Sky (1969)
Page 5: Original Album Sales – Elton John (1970)
Page 6: Original Album Sales – Tumbleweed Connection (1970)
Page 7: Original Album Sales – Friends (1971)
Page 8: Original Album Sales – Madman Across the Water (1971)
Page 9: Original Album Sales – Honky Château (1972)
Page 10: Original Album Sales – Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only the Piano Player (1973)
Page 11: Original Album Sales – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973)
Page 12: Original Album Sales – Caribou (1974)
Page 13: Original Album Sales – Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy (1975)
Page 14: Original Album Sales – Rock of the Westies (1975)
Page 15: Original Album Sales – Blue Moves (1976)
Page 16: Original Album Sales – A Single Man (1978)
Page 17: Original Album Sales – Victim of Love (1979)
Page 18: Original Album Sales – 21 at 33 (1980)
Page 19: Original Album Sales – The Fox (1981)
Page 20: Original Album Sales – Jump Up! (1982)
Page 21: Original Album Sales – Too Low for Zero (1983)
Page 22: Original Album Sales – Breaking Hearts (1984)
Page 23: Original Album Sales – Ice on Fire (1985)
Page 24: Original Album Sales – Leather Jackets (1986)
Page 25: Original Album Sales – Reg Strikes Back (1988)
Page 26: Original Album Sales – Sleeping with the Past (1989)
Page 27: Original Album Sales – The One (1992)
Page 28: Original Album Sales – Duets (1993)
Page 29: Original Album Sales – Made in England (1995)
Page 30: Original Album Sales – The Big Picture (1997)
Page 31: Original Album Sales – The Muse (1999)
Page 32: Original Album Sales – The Road to El Dorado (2000)
Page 33: Original Album Sales – Songs from the West Coast (2001)
Page 34: Original Album Sales – Peachtree Road (2004)
Page 35: Original Album Sales – The Captain & the Kid (2006)
Page 36: Original Album Sales – The Union (2010)
Page 37: Original Album Sales – The Diving Board (2013)
Page 38: Original Album Sales – Wonderful Crazy Night (2016)
Page 39: Original Album Sales – Comments
Page 40: Physical Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 41: Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 42: Physical Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 43: Physical Singles Sales – Part 4
Page 44: Physical Singles Sales – Part 5
Page 45: Physical Singles Sales – Part 6
Page 46: Physical Singles Sales – Part 7
Page 47: Physical Singles Sales – Part 8
Page 48: Physical Singles Sales – Part 9
Page 49: About Candle in the Wind
Page 50: Digital Singles Sales – Part 1
Page 51: Digital Singles Sales – Part 2
Page 52: Digital Singles Sales – Part 3
Page 53: Digital Singles Sales – Part 4
Page 54: Digital Singles Sales – Part 5
Page 55: Streaming Sales – Part 1
Page 56: Streaming Sales – Part 2
Page 57: Streaming Sales – Part 3
Page 58: Streaming Sales – Part 4
Page 59: Streaming Sales – Part 5
Page 60: Streaming Sales – Part 6
Page 61: Streaming Sales – Part 7
Page 62: Streaming Sales – Part 8
Page 63: Streaming Sales – Part 9
Page 64: Streaming Sales – Part 10
Page 65: Streaming Sales – Part 11
Page 66: Streaming Sales – Part 12
Page 67: Remaining Long Format – Global compilations #1
Page 68: Remaining Long Format – Global compilations #2
Page 69: Remaining Long Format – Local compilations #1
Page 70: Remaining Long Format – Local compilations #2
Page 71: Remaining Long Format – Live Albums
Page 72: Remaining Long Format – Boxes, EPs, Remixes
Page 73: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos #1
Page 74: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos #2
Page 75: Remaining Long Format – Music Videos #3
Page 76: Remaining Long Format – Summary
Page 77: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – Greatest Hits (1974)
Page 78: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – Greatest Hits Volume II (1977)
Page 79: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – The Very Best of (1990)
Page 80: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – Love Songs (1995)
Page 81: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – Greatest Hits 1970-2002 (2002)
Page 82: BONUS: Compilation Albums Sales – Rocket Man: The Definitive Hits (2007)
Page 83: BONUS: Total Album (all types) Sales per Country
Page 84: CSPC Results
Page 85: Biggest Tracks
Page 86: Achievements

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Elton has surpassed 10M in streaming EAS. Of the current top 50 best selling artists, he is the 14th best in streaming.


A lot of these artists are from the streaming era though (Drake, BTS…etc) so I wouldn’t compare their streams with Elton’s.

Top 10 pre-2000s acts :

Queen – 21.6m
The Beatles – 16m
Michael Jackson – 14.4m
Metallica – 11.9m
AC/DC – 10.2m
Elton John – 10m
Bob Marley – 9.1m
Guns N’ Roses – 8.8m
Nirvana – 8.6m
Pink Floyd – 8.3m

Not including Mariah Carey (8.8m) and 2Pac (8.4m) because they had a lot of success with their 21st century music.


Nice list! Great achievement also, although 2Pac has less streams (1.2m) with his 21st century music than Elton (1.7m), and also less than Metallica (1.4m) and MJ (1.3m). And as Mariah Carey has only slightly more (1.9m), I think it would be fair to let them both be part of the comparison.


Well, first off you can’t have both Mariah and 2Pac in the top 10 since the #10 would be Nirvana (8.6m). And what I meant is that they both have a bigger share of their success from the 21st century, if you remove that share they would be behind the others when it comes to pre-2000 songs.

Speaking of which, I hadn’t realized Elton had 1.7m streaming EAS from his recent stuff, I assume it’s mostly The Lockdown Sessions from last year ? I’ve no search credit left 🙁


Fair enough! It’s mostly The Lockdown Sessions indeed, you can also visit the artist pages and look at the auto update totals per album ;-).


Yeah but a lot of his songs would be in the “orphan” category (Ghetto Gospel…etc). His albums alone total 1.8m actually (1.6m for TLS), and with the orphan stuff it’d be well over 2m, maybe 2.4m ? A lot of features so it’s complicated…


I think it’s far more difficult to decide what counts as pre/post 2000. Take say the RHCP, is it fair to exclude them just because they have been very successful in the 00s. Metallica debuted in 83, the RHCPs in 84 and both released 7 studio albums in the 00s, but they’re penalised because they’ve managed to stay more relevant, for longer. Again, is it fair to exclude say Shakira, who released her first album in 91, just because her international success is prominently in the 2000s. On the other hand, should all be excluded because they are all still… Read more »


would it not just be easier to look at all acts that debut beofre 2000 and minus anything they released after 2000?


You can do, you can do what ever you want but there will always be caveats needed, context needed. Take say AC/DC, I’d say their 00s return Black Ice and subsequent World Tour, were responsible for a great upturn in their popularity, as was the Iron Man soundtrack. So, even though Black Ice, Rock or Bust and Power Up are excluded, the studio albums, World Tours and soundtracks, all significantly benefited the popularity of their pre 2000 work. Take Queen, you can exclude The Cosmos Rocks, but you can’t subtract the impact We Will Rock You, Bohemian Rhapsody or the… Read more »


Good idea 😉 Approximately :

Queen – 21.5m
The Beatles – 16m
Michael Jackson – 12.7m
Metallica – 10.6m
AC/DC – 9.1m
Bob Marley – 8.7m
Guns N’ Roses – 8.6m
Nirvana – 8.6m
Pink Floyd – 8.1m
Elton John – 7.6m


Sorry but I’m really not sure what you’re getting at… Shakira ? 😕 She has like 2m streaming EAS from the 90s, why would she be included in a pre-2000s list ?

There’s nothing “difficult” about this, it’s just a list of acts who had most of their success before 2000, that’s all.


The list is about acts that debuted pre 2000, Shakira debuted in 1991. The list was never how successful their pre 2000 work was. Strange you have problems understanding that, seems quite simple to me.

How can you seriously say an act that debuted in 1991 or even worse 1984, is from the streaming era. You’re just making up your own selective rules about this as you go along.

Last edited 3 months ago by Martin

You realize I’m the one who made the list, right ? As I said it’s about acts who had most of their success before 2000, that’s why I didn’t include Eminem or Shakira or whatever…

And I never said acts who debuted in 1984 are from the streaming era, I specifically mentioned Drake and BTS, so you’re the one making things up (for some reason).