CSPC: David Bowie Popularity Analysis

The David Bowie Buyer's Guide

Full Length related records Sales

With such an extensive career and so many labels involved as in David Bowie case, we haven’t miss releases of live or compilations albums, plus music videos. He is also responsible for several minor soundtracks, all of which are listed within’ the upcoming pages.

Remaining Long Format Part 1 – Live Albums


How to understand this table? If you check for example David Live live album line, those figures mean it sold 1,900,000 units worldwide. The second statistics column means all versions of all songs included on this package add for 219 million streaming plays on Spotify as of January 6th 2017.

The second part at the right of the table shows how many streams are coming from each original album plus the share it represents on the overall package streams. Thus, streaming figures tell us Hunky Dory songs are responsible for 15% of the David Live tracklist attractiveness, which means it generated 1,045,000 of its 280,000 album sales and so on for the other records.

This first batch of albums includes all his official live albums. As previously mentioned, some of the biggest songs from Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory have been ignored by many of them, they still claim a good share of those packages attractiveness. The absence of really identified greatest hits list, all those live albums include some very diverse songs which is why we can’t isolate a specific pattern in terms of sales distribution among studio albums. At nearly 4,5 million units sold, they bring some relevant sales to most albums up to 1977 set Heroes.

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El Jolito

The Greatest solo artist in history.


That will be Michael Jackson


Best selling solo artist of all time, but not most important or most influential solo artist of all time.


That’s just your opinion, mine is he is very overrated and his sales are poor considering he is supposed to be that good. Half a dozen very good songs doesn’t make you the greatest.


Yes, Jacksons sales and popularity are amazing and his influence immense but Bowie was way, way more diverse than Jackson.


It’s so irritating when people can’t wrap their heads around the fact that sales aren’t everything. Sales are great but they don’t indicate how inventive, creative, influential, etc. an artist was/is.


Who cares. Musical diversity and critical acclaim is so overrated.


Lots of people care, lots of people don’t want to listen to an artist who just releases the same sounding stuff over and over again.

As for critical acclaim, I couldn’t give a toss about it either.

Last edited 4 months ago by Martin

“That’s just your opinion”

It’s all about opinions, except if you believe that talent should be measured by success, which would be very dumb.

Speed of Life

Also the version of All The Young Dudes with Ian Hunter and Bowie on vocals on the Mott The Hoople page doesn’t show up on his features.

Speed of Life

Just noticed that a number of Bowie songs have recently been been greyed out on spotify and their totals no longer show on the spotify tool report.They’re all on the albums Platinum Collection and Sound + Vision.
Also for some reason the songs credited to Bowie and the Spider on the Bowie at the Beeb album have a separate artist id??