France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 1

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Let’s go back to our first love! During the first quarter of 2016, we went on to define the best selling albums of all-time in France. As many as 168 artist albums entered that countdown covering all million selling LPs. In order to be equal to all albums, I have set the end of 2015 as the limit of all figures.

Obviously, those albums haven’t stop selling from one day to another, especially since they are the biggest ones ever. In fact, this present week, an impressive 25 of those 168 albums are featured in the Top 100 Catalog Chart. Thus, it is now time to update all those albums to include 2016 sales!

Today, we will be reviewing 23 of them – the worst sellers among the pack. If you remember well, all figures were rounded to the closest 5,000 units. All records present on this Part 1 are currently selling so badly that this year, or next year, or even in three years, their newly added sales won’t be enough to upgrade their total sales to date to the next 5,000 copies.

Thus, even if you wanna see the update of your favorite record ASAP, I’m sure you would rather prefer waiting a couple more days than getting the new figure today! Facts are facts though so let’s put them out and see which artists are the losers for the year…

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