CSPC: Frozen OST Popularity Analysis


Full Length related records Sales

First, I was going to remove that section as clearly there is no live or compilation album of Frozen. Then, I reminded about that old Disney habit of issuing Karaoke albums.

I mentioned earlier how kids like to sing along tracks they like. Once again Disney company knows that stuff and use this favorable context to issue Karaoke albums for popular franchises.

Rarely notable sellers, the one of Frozen sold a huge 1,1 million units. To be fully transparent, that figure has a larger margin of error than usually. With the lack of experience we have on such packages to gauge sales in minor market plus the translated titles constraints, it is hard to identify precise figures. It sold over 800,000 units in the US and the UK only though so there is really no utopic guess.

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Marcelo salgado

You could be make others disney soundtrack??????

Anthony Blanchard

Hi everyone! Here are the 4 Frozen’s tracks that have generated the most sales: 1 2013 Let It Go [Frozen] – 7,220,000 2 2013 For The First Time In Forever [Frozen] – 1,620,000 3 2013 Do You Want To Build A Snowman [Frozen] – 1,580,000 4 2013 Love Is An Open Door [Frozen] – 1,100,000 Like you probably remember, particularly if you have a children, “Let It Go” was an enormous hit! As a reminder, here are the biggest track for some recent artists: – Adele – Hello [25, 2015] – 15,730,000 – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance [The Fame… Read more »


Hi dear MJD !!!

Congratulations for the website and also for CSPC analysis on Frozen Soundtrack.
Then I’m curious to know after CSPC analysis on The Rolling Stones, which singer or group you will analyze. I hope you will answer me soon !!!


Can you do “The Lion King” soundtrack analysis ?



Very huge success for this soundtrack! I think it will be complicated for Frozen 2 to equal theses numbers!