CSPC: ABBA Popularity Analysis

Part 6 – Local Compilations II


More of the same. Gracias Por La Musica contained Spanish translations of their songs and was released in Japan plus, obviously, in latin language countries. The Magic Of ABBA was a direct order album sold mostly in the US. A Wie ABBA was one more German-language countries release. Very Best Of ABBA was a Japan-only LP.

What they do have in common? They all did incredibly well on markets were they got released and they all capitalized mostly on Arrival songs then a bit of every other studio album.

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Johnny be Good

Any estimation on “Voyage” ?


“even becoming Australian biggest selling album ever at the time” should be “Australia’s”
“It hasn’t break records in Germany” should be “It hasn’t BROKEN records”.
I take it that this is not an native English-speaking site?


“I take it this is not an native English speaking site”, should be “…a native…”

Yes, though, English is not the native tongue used, in the majority of articles.

Last edited 5 months ago by Martin

“They haven’t quite stop there”
Should be “stopped” (not stop). Need a proof-reader! ;-0


Is it me or was much more expected from their studio albums???


All of their studio albums must be about 50 million sales.


Where are you getting this number from?


El álbum Voulez Vouz aquí tiene 578.000 ventas en streams, pero en Most streamed albums (all-time) aparece con más de 800.000.000 streams en spotify, así que supongo que hay error en uno de los números.

Last edited 10 months ago by jt1916