CSPC: Fleetwood Mac Popularity Analysis

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Original Album Sales – Comments

1968 Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – 1,600,000
1968 Mr. Wonderful – 1,100,000
1969 Then Play On – 2,000,000
1970 Kiln House – 800,000 
1971 Future Games – 800,000
1972 Bare Trees – 1,850,000
1973 Penguin – 700,000
1973 Mystery To Me – 1,600,000
1974 Heroes Are Hard To Find – 1,300,000
1975 Fleetwood Mac – 9,400,000
1977 Rumours – 35,500,000
1979 Tusk – 6,600,000
1982 Mirage – 5,500,000
1987 Tango In The Night – 11,300,000
1990 Behind The Mask – 2,750,000
1995 Time – 150,000
2003 Say You Will – 1,600,000

A grand total of 17 studio albums for Fleetwood Mac with a total of 84,55 million units sold. Of course, Rumours looks like the absolute juggernaut of their catalog with a terrific 35,5 million albums sold. Considering this number, their overall total doesn’t look that big but we need to highlight the band first nine albums weren’t major sellers, they ended stepping up to stardom with their eponymous tenth album in 1975. Plus, one must mention late 60s was mostly a period of single sales, hurting the pure album sales relevance.

Since, depending on the group line-up they went up and down in great fashion. Tusk sold less than 20% of Rumours total, Tango In The Night more than doubled Mirage, Behind The Mask and Time sold an awful 25% and 5% of their immediate predecessor, dividing their score by 75 within’ two records, then Say You Will sold more than 10 times more than Time.

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Hi! Numbers of Fleetwood Mac and REM aren’t updated after a search. Cheers!


hey mjd,please give us Total Album (all types) Sales per Country


My first time on this site. Not arguing, just curious. How is it most lists I view online have Rumours at 50M copies, and this list is well under 40M?


Because none of those lists have actually dissected Rumours sales, to see if it actually could have sold 50m, they just regurgitate record company press releases, which are always overstated, either due to their wording being misleading or using dubious and undehanded counting methods.

Last edited 1 year ago by Martin

Guardians of the Galaxy has propelled Chains to popularity and the volume 2 mix tape album is still selling great. Just wondering how u going to credit it to Fleetwood? Like if e album sells 500k, how much album eq u gg to credit to them?


I was wondering where you got some of this sales data. Some albums, like Fleetwood Mac (1968), Penguin, Heroes are Hard to Find, Fleetwood Mac (1975), Tusk, and Mirage seem to have higher sales than expected. You list Heroes at 1,000,000 units in the US, yet it hasn’t received a certification.

Anthony Blanchard

Hi Guillaume!
Can you please post the detail per country for Fleetwood Mac’s Greatest Hits?
Thank you very much in advance!


This is fantastic and very accurate. Can this be done for Stevie Nicks please?


Hi. Can You do one of Stevie Nicks? Please

Teresa Turner

Not as well known as Abba or The Police? Lol!!!!!! Be real!!!

Teresa Turner

Highly unlikely? Well, what is your study based on? Lol! I’m not putting down Abba or The Police but cmon? I don’t even know the names of the people in Abba! I bet all these countries have heard of let’s say for instance, STEVIE NICKS? Just saying. Then they would of course associate her with the band Fleetwood Mac.

Innocent Eyes

Errr I’m also from France and most people definately don’t know who Fleetwood Mac are, let alone Stevie Nicks. Everybody knows Abba and The Police though.

Teresa Turner

OK Thank You 😁


I am from Argentina. ABBA was super massive here. My mother was a big fan in the 70s (she bought some albums)… If I ask her about Fleedwood Mac… she would say: “What is that?”
MJD is completely right about that.


I have to admit, ABBA is more famous worldwide than Fleetwod Mac is.


Hi dear MJD !!!

Your articles and your detailed analysis are always fantastic, even for Fleetwood Mac, really compliments, I visit your site every day to see if there are new artists analyzed, I hope you analyze as soon as the Fab Four (The Beatles), I’m a big fan of the four legendary musicians from Liverpool !!!


Hi dear MJD !!! Thank you for answering me. I also believe that The Beatles are still the first artists to have sold more records than all, in fact, in your old website that was “fan of music” you show in your graph that six albums of The Beatles were present in the top 100 best-selling albums of all time. Albums that were present The Beatles 1, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Abbey Road, 1962-1966 (The Red Album), 1967-1970 (The Blue Album), The Beatles (White Album). I hope that by the end of October you realize CSPC analysis of… Read more »


Nice work again MJD! Quite a big number for a band who is often considered a one-album wonder!

By the way, MJD, you made a slight (probably irrelevant) mistakes on page 20. Firstly, the release year for Tango in the Night says 1977, but it should be 1987. Moreover, on Orphan albums, those singles add up to 4,3m, so the album equivalent should be 1,29m, 60K less than what you’ve typed.

Looking forward for your next post!

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