CSPC: Nickelback Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 4

Here And Now saw a sharp drop from its predecessors in terms of sales. It came out in 2011, before the boom of streaming. Nevertheless, it grosses 246,000 equivalent album sales, a very respectable result. When We Stand Together is the main benefactor of this total with 85 million streams on Spotify.

No Fixed Address lacks a hit of this magnitude, as its biggest is under 30 million. The consequence is striking with only 115,000 equivalent album sales, less than its 3 predecessors, although it is the only one that came out in a favorable context as streaming was becoming big by 2014/2015.

2 thoughts on “CSPC: Nickelback Popularity Analysis”

  1. Very interesting article. I did not expect Nickelback to be ahead of the Spice Girls or Christina Aguilera in the CSPC list! They have very consistent sales even if they don’t seem to be successful outside the English speaking world + Germany.

    You should do Chad Kroeger’s ex-wife at some point (Avril Lavigne)!

    1. Exactly. Most of their sales comes from USA, Canada, Germany, UK and Australia. 5 of the greatest markets indeed, but not much outside them.

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