CSPC: Oasis Popularity Analysis

Beady Eye @ Planeta Terra 2011

Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
Heathen Chemistry (2002) – 279,000 equivalent albums

The Hindu Times – 330,000
Stop Crying Your Heart Out – 270,000
Songbird – 140,000
Little By Little – 190,000

Don’t Believe the Truth (2005) – 117,000 equivalent albums

Lyla – 190,000
The Importance Of Being Idle – 120,000
Let There Be Love – 80,000

Dig Out Your Soul (2008) – 30,000 equivalent albums

The Shock Of The Lightning – 60,000
I’m Outta Time – 20,000
Falling Down – 20,000

Orphan – 324,000 equivalent albums

Whatever – 1,040,000
Remaining Singles – 40,000

Considering the highly negative reception of Standing on the Shoulder of Giants, singles from Heathen Chemistry have been solid hits, although mostly in the UK. Due to the collapse of the physical singles’ market subsequent singles sold less and less. In fact, in spite of its 120,000 sales only, The Importance Of Being Idle was the first hit from the band to spend 5 weeks inside the Top 20 UK chart since 1997.

Among the orphan songs, Whatever, which was used as a bridge between Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory, is a million seller.

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