CSPC: Kelly Clarkson Popularity Analysis

kelly clarkson

Original Album Sales – Comments

2003 Thankful – 3,630,000
2004 Breakaway – 10,980,000
2007 My December – 1,510,000
2009 All I Ever Wanted – 1,750,000
2011 Stronger – 1,830,000
2013 Wrapped in Red – 1,140,000
2015 Piece by Piece – 460,000
2017 Meaning of Life – 300,000

A few years ago, it was possible to tag as flops recent albums of Clarkson. After selling nearly 11 million copies of Breakaway, she was unable to reach even 2 million. Now that she is up to 8 albums, we understand that the 2004 blockbuster was the exception rather than the rule.

In fact, ignoring that record we notice that Clarkson‘s trajectory is fairly consistent, although most recent releases are struggling in sales. My December is still a huge bomb. It sold less than 15% of its immediate predecessor and even with the decreasing market, its 2 follow ups outsold it.

At the end of the day, sales of 21,6 million units across 8 studio albums is very respectable in this day and age.

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