CSPC: Foo Fighters Popularity Analysis

Foo Fighters

Original Album Sales – Comments

1995 Foo Fighters – 3,350,000
1997 The Colour and the Shape – 4,825,000
1999 There Is Nothing Left to Lose – 3,200,000
2002 One by One – 3,775,000
2005 In Your Honor – 4,050,000
2007 Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace – 2,925,000
2011 Wasting Lights – 2,525,000
2014 Sonic Highways – 1,550,000
2017 Concrete and Gold – 550,000

Up to 26,75 million studio albums sold, the Foo Fighters proved their consistency long term. In fact, they achieved this total with no album breaking the 5 million mark. Their first 7 albums all sold past 2,5 million copies, a tremendous showing.

If we get into the details, those figures appear to be even more impressive. The group sold pretty poorly in various markets like France and Spain, which makes their total all the more solid.

The French market proves the band is absolutely not a Nirvana-side project. Cobain‘s band was massive there. Thanks to that, the self-titled debut of the Foo Fighters did OK there with 150,000 units sold. Their next 8 outputs sold an average of 30,000 copies. Clearly, fans of the older band aren’t buying copies of the new group. In the same range of ideas, the consistency points out how the Foo Fighters kept building their own fan base.

Please be aware that as Concrete and Gold remains recent, a large chunk of those units, some 40%, are still not sold as of this day.

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