CSPC: Christina Aguilera Popularity Analysis

Christina Aguilera "Keeps Gettin' Better - A Decade Of Hits"

Digital Singles Sales

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Christina Aguilera (1999) – 585,000 equivalent albums

Genie in a Bottle – 1,400,000
What a Girl Wants – 600,000
I Turn to You – 400,000
Come on Over Baby (All I Want Is You) – 550,000
Reflection – 550,000
Remaining tracks – 400,000

My Kind of Christmas (2000) – 68,000 equivalent albums

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – 250,000
Remaining tracks – 200,000

Stripped (2002) – 1,185,000 equivalent albums

Can’t Hold Us Down – 400,000
Fighter – 2,100,000
Beautiful – 2,600,000
Dirrty – 1,500,000
The Voice Within – 400,000
Remaining tracks – 900,000

Back to Basics (2006) – 1,455,000 equivalent albums

Ain’t No Other Man – 3,200,000
Candyman – 2,700,000
Hurt – 2,600,000
Remaining tracks – 1,200,000

With the US digital market reaching its full force in 2008 only and even later in other countries, the entire successful part of Christina Aguilera career happened before this peak. By the release of Back to Basics sales were already getting big though and accumulated catalog sales of earlier singles during various years amount for many million sales.

Hits from her debut add for less than 4 million units sold, but Stripped songs are twice bigger, led by Beautiful, Fighter and Dirrty at over 6 million combined. The trio of big songs from Back to Basics is even higher thanks to the favorable market.

Together, songs from those albums sold 22 million downloads and ringtones.

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