CSPC: Christina Aguilera Popularity Analysis

Christina Aguilera - "Bionic"

Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
Stripped (2002) – 683,000 equivalent albums

Can’t Hold Us Down – 425,000
Fighter – 250,000
Beautiful – 650,000
Dirrty – 675,000
The Voice Within – 275,000

Back to Basics (2006) – 243,000 equivalent albums

Ain’t No Other Man – 225,000
Slow Down Baby & Oh Mother – 10,000
Candyman – 150,000
Hurt – 425,000

Orphan – 848,000 equivalent albums

Nobody Wants to Be Lonely – 650,000
Lady Marmalade – 1,400,000
Keeps Gettin’ Better – 25,000
Car Wash – 325,000
Tilt Ya Head Back – 225,000
Tell Me – 100,000
Remaining Singles – 100,000

Songs like Beautiful, Hurt or Lady Marmalade feel like being hits as big as the early ones for the vocalist. One major difference separate them though – the US physical singles market vanished in the early 00s. Sales got so low that most labels quickly decided to stop issuing them to consolidate album sales instead. None of the singles in this page had a proper physical single widely available in the US – in fact they combine for a mere 200,000 units there, less than 15% of Genie in a Bottle alone.

Since European and Australasian markets also dropped soon after, most of those figures are relatively low, although they remain fairly good for their respective eras. From the time of Bionic, the market had pretty much disappeared completely.

All together, Christina Aguilera sold 13 million physical singles.

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