CSPC: Elvis Presley Popularity Analysis


If you are lonesome tonight, you may have enough time to read the highly anticipated CSPC article of Elvis Presley… or you may not. His discography is so massive that at some point Chartmasters’ team though this work would never be completed. Now the challenge is on your side to go through all information available!

During the last few weeks, we already started to dig into his results. We used YouTube Insights to define his popularity all over the world, we understood the structure of his discography, we have put some order among all myths related to his sales, we clarified the RIAA coverage of his albums before setting up his album results in the US, we broke down both his global physical singles and EP sales, and we highlighted various strong sources of hidden sales. After doing all that, only one step remained: publish final results. Here they are. More than ever, I can only advice you to use the summary available on page 3.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge his results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Presley albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming. In fact, it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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Colin Bratkovich

POT LUCK Elvis Presley 1962 /No.15 CHARTMASTERS/Presley’s recorded legacy is loaded with inaccurate speculation ,with a lot of it due to Col. Parker. The 1962 POT LUCK LP found Elvis’s attempt to record material not promoted by film. CHARTMASTER’s US count at 450,000 (mono & stereo) copies seemed to be right for 1962,noting far less sales than the previous (film soundtrack) BLUE HAWAII LP,-off very successful film. This LP was nevertheless a very successful charted entity, as a BILLBOARD no.4 & a no.1 in the UK.(CHARTMASTERS has it at 150,000 sold in the UK-not bad for 1962).It was NOT proclaimed… Read more »

Colin Bratkovich

PG 20/ROUSTABOUT LP/1964./This 625,000 sales figure (US) has got to be too low. It got an official RCA WORLDWIDE sales figure based upon dollars (not copies) at $1,125,000 in 1965-(back of the Elvis For Everyone LP).It’s mono/stereo release just had to be combined, with (for sure) the mono version sold more./As a popular seller ,it got to the top of Billboard’s LP chart in 1965,& was subsequently re-issued many times, even as an ;orange label. As RCA failed to get it certified as RIAA gold, (it could have ,using RIAA rules in 1965),it looks like one of those records that… Read more »

Kjell Arne Jensen

Can anyone tell me where to find the 2007 release, “Elvis, The King” (2-CD), sales..? This was a chart-topper in UK, Germany and Austria, but these old eyes of mine cannot find it.

Kjell Arne Jensen

Thanks a lot!

Kjell Arne Jensen

Sweden – 2,135,000. Oh, my! Only missing about 6-8 million record sales Lennard Andersson, Electra press officer, says: “We’ll never have an artist of that stature again and there is no one to match him with any other company in the world. It was a great and sad loss. As for sales, it was just like a pre- Christmas rush, though one based solely on Elvis product. He has sold around 8 to 10 million units in Sweden since 1956, with “Elvis Forever,” the double album, the best -seller with 225,000 copies.” (Billboard, sept 3rd, 1977) Japan…-4,770,000. It gets better… Read more »


The 2.1 million sales and the 4.7 million sales from Sweden and Japan respectively, are album sales only.
Also, this is CSPC, not records.


Hello, nice to see fellow Norwegians here 🙂 The figure for Sweden might refer to the old “single equivalent units” which were commonly used back then (1 album sale = 3 units + single sales iirc) or simply single and album sales added together, I suspect the figure for Holland is of similar origins. There is of course a chance they are “pure” album sales since the source is BB after all, but you need into account that both Sweden and especially the Netherlands exported a lot of albums throughout Europe back then which could have gotten counted into other… Read more »

Kjell Arne Jensen

The more I examine some of these numbers, the more dubious they get. You report sales in the Netherlands ( 2,125,000), but that must be a joke, pardon my French. I quote from Billboard Magazine, dated September 3rd 1977 issue: “In Holland, Inelco has sold more than 5 million Presley albums since the start of his career and more than 100,000 were sold in the first three days after his death. Such concentrated sales activity is considered phenomenal in Dutch music business history. There was special interest in the double album “Elvis Forever,” the compilation “Portrait In Music” and the… Read more »


How about you read what “CSPC” means, and then post?


What you don’t take into account is the sheer impact of Presley on the culture. Jackson and Queen did not come close to that and even John Lennon said, ” before Elvis there was nothing.”


So what? It doesn’t change the fact he’s the third biggest selling artist ever not the biggest of all.


You’re talking from an American perspective. In Europe, Queen and MJ had a MUCH higher influence than Elvis.


Michael Jackson had much bigger impact outside US than Elvis ever had…Just check MJ’s sales with 1/4th of Elvis’s discography and just see his insane Global heat map


Lmafo Elvis invented pop stardom you are skunked if you think MJ had a bigger impact


Where are all his live albums which have been certified gold and platinum or multi-platinum by the RIAA. TV Special, In Person International Hotel, On Stage, Madison Square Garden, Aloha From Hawaii, Live On Stage Memphis and Elvis In Concert?

Anthony Britch

how is the world wide sales figure determined. US sales of Elvis Golden Records is 6xPlatinum, how are the additional 2.8 million determined for the rest of the world


MJD, It appears the RIAA has re-evaluated Elvis EP’s & removed them from his Album total. His album total decreased from 146.5 to 139 million.

Marcus André

Thank you for your amazing work. I have a doubt about Brazilian sales, the collected sales that came from 50s to 70s records are all collected from CD releases using the code number that came in CDs released after 2003?

Marcus André

Thank you! You actually answer my question. I thought the sales of some of his old records came all from CD releases after 2003, when Brazil begun to include codes of shipments in each CD release. 😉