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Elvis Is Back! [Explored]

Original Album Sales – Comments

1956 Elvis Presley – 1,510,000
1956 Elvis – 1,690,000
1957 Loving You – 1,270,000
1957 Elvis’ Christmas Album – 3,850,000
1958 King Creole – 1,050,000
1959 A Date with Elvis – 460,000
1960 Elvis Is Back! – 1,160,000
1960 G.I. Blues – 2,780,000
1960 His Hand in Mine – 1,870,000
1961 Something for Everybody – 900,000
1961 Blue Hawaii – 4,650,000
1962 Pot Luck – 870,000
1962 Girls! Girls! Girls! – 1,140,000
1963 It Happened at the World’s Fair – 600,000
1963 Fun in Acapulco – 720,000
1964 Kissin’ Cousins – 590,000
1964 Roustabout – 820,000
1965 Girl Happy – 760,000
1965 Elvis For Everyone – 620,000
1965 Harum Scarum – 550,000
1966 Frankie and Johnny – 1,210,000
1966 Paradise, Hawaiian Style – 430,000
1966 Spinout – 570,000
1967 How Great Thou Art – 3,510,000
1967 Double Trouble – 230,000
1967 Clambake – 290,000
1968 Speedway – 200,000
1969 From Elvis in Memphis – 1,310,000
1969 Back In Memphis – 260,000
1970 That’s the Way It Is – 2,420,000
1971 Elvis Country (I’m 10,000 Years Old) – 1,060,000
1971 Love Letters from Elvis – 660,000
1971 Elvis sings The Wonderful World of Christmas – 3,900,000
1972 Elvis Now – 750,000
1972 He Touched Me – 1,400,000
1973 Elvis (1973) – 480,000
1973 Raised on Rock / For Ol’ Times Sake – 400,000
1974 Good Times – 350,000
1975 Promised Land – 620,000
1975 Today – 540,000
1976 From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee – 880,000
1977 Moody Blue – 3,820,000

Presley‘s album discography of original material is made of 17 soundtracks, 2 Christmas albums, 3 gospel LPs and 20 studio efforts. That’s a simplified way of seeing it. An album like A Date with Elvis mostly repackages former hits, although they had never been part of albums before. In the other side, several compilations, EPs and singles involved new songs that haven’t been included into studio albums. To get the complete picture, one has to check his entire catalog.

That’s exactly how these figures must be considered, as partial figures. At 53,15 million units sold across 42 LPs, one may not be impressed. But it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Back in the 50s, album sales were still dreadful. The fact that Blue Hawaii sold 4,65 million units while being issued in 1961 is already amazing enough. The two Christmas efforts, How Great Though Art and Moody Blue all moved over 3,5 million too.

Obviously, these numbers refer only to the original albums and their reissues. Elvis’ Christmas Album from 1970 isn’t added to the original 1957 album for example. Now you are left wondering how much all these sets repackaging original material sold to see the real impact of Presley. You aren’t left for long though since all answers are listed in upcoming sections!

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Kjell Arne Jensen

Enlighten me. In 1978, “A Legendary Performer Vol. 3” was released. After a few weeks, it was awarded a gold certification (500,000 sales, USA only, dec18th 1978) from RIAA. You have worldwide sales at 440,000. Any comment?

colin bratkovich

I would assume that CHARTMASTERS has accounted for all UK album releases before September, 2018? /It looks like (earlier catalog (reissue product since 2000) releases / ELVIS THAT”S THE WAY IT IS ( 30) has gotten a gold (100,000) award in 2021/Another ,TODAY (40) at ( 60,000) in 2019/ Add these to world totals/ OTHER re-issue but new product in found awards in 2020 -THE WONDER OF YOU LP at (600,00),50 GREATEST HITS at (900,000)./ 2019 – JAILHOUSE ROCK LP at (60,000), THE ESSENTIAL at (60,000) , IF I CAN DREAM LP at ( 1,200,000) /

Colin Bratkovich

CHARTMASTER’s No.82 notes FOR LP FANS ONLY at 430,00 worldwide. Considering the contents of this LP contained ALL re-issued material (on single or EP release ) this initial sales figure seems right .Lower US charted figures in 1959 also back this up. It is surprising however, that after this LP was also converted into re-processed stereo in 1963,as well as mono, it still failed to make it to RCA’s MILLION DOLLAR status, even in RCA’s 1971 catalog. Someone at RCA just had to be asleep! Or if not, considering 8 track & cassettes sold ,just had to ADD sales well… Read more »

Colin Bratkovich

FLAMING STAR /CHARTMASTER’S no.77 / This (noted) post 1977 RIAA awarded LP is noted at 2,150,000 totaled by CHARTMASTERS. This has got to be too LOW, as it is based upon combined Camden-Pickwick figures, most of it from post 1977 successful marketing efforts, along with other ‘low priced’ budget product./As this LP was ALREADY noted as a MILLION DOLLAR LP seller by RCA (not RIAA) in it’s 1971 catalog. Yet these sales had to include a Billboard chart placing at 96.While this figure is considered low, the (then) rules made this LP have to sell more than the usual LP,… Read more »

Colin Bratkovich

CHARTMASTERS could look into (especially) the 1977 re-issued Presley LP sales of HAREM SCARUM no.23,SPINOUT no.26,DOUBLE TROUBLE no.28 & CLAMBAKE no.29.With these sales, each of these (deleted in 1971) US LPs, ADD to over 500,000 each, as WORLD entities./

Colin Bratkovich

Paradise Hawaiian Style 1966/Elvis Presley/CHARTMASTERS no 25./The 1971 RCA catalog notes this LP as a WORLDWIDE MILLION $ SELLER. This updates CHARTMASTERS WORLDWIDE figure of 430,000 before 1977.

Colin Bratkovich

It Happened At The World’s Fair-Elvis Presley.1963./CHARTMASTERS no.17.The CHARTMASTERS WORLD figure at 600,000.This LP DID reach top 10 chart status in 1963.It is NOT noted as a WORLDWIDE MILLION SELLER on the back of the Elvis For Everyone LP in 1965.It was put on stereo 8 ,as an 8 track (P8S-1140) in 1966.By 1971,it was DROPPED as a re-issued catalog item. Later in 1977,following Presley’s death, the LP was AGAIN released as (APL1-2568) in the (US)),featuring the original MONO cover, in STEREO form. Like all Elvis product release in 1977,however brief, this LP, as well on 8 track & cassette… Read more »

Colin Bratkovich

ELVIS IS BACK LP.CHARTMASTERS no.10 /CHARTMASTERS (US) at 675,000,has got to be low? As a WORLD total at 1,160,000,it seems that this LP has better stats to match? As Elvis’s first official ‘Living Stereo’ release (released in mono & stereo ,with mono sales selling more) in 1960-61.An another RCA mistake , it could have been a RIAA award in 1961,with RCA not getting around to it until 1999..This LP got to no.2 on BILLBOARD,& lasted on (LP) chart for 56 weeks. In March,2011,it actually charted as a re-issue in BILLBOARD, which then proclaimed it at 199,with an added week-a total… Read more »

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