CSPC: Carrie Underwood Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

2005 Some Hearts – 8,610,000
2007 Carnival Ride – 3,790,000
2009 Play On – 2,580,000
2012 Blown Away – 2,110,000
2015 Storyteller – 960,000

A total of 18,05 million across 5 albums may not look that impressive. Once you consider that more than 90% of these sales come from the US alone the story is different. Some Hearts was a monster there, hitting 8 million pure sales. Since the date of its release to date, only Adele did better with both 21 and 25.

After this gigantic start, one can only go down. That’s what happened for Underwood, although she still topped 2 million pure sales with each of the following 3 albums. The continuous decrease is sales is negative yet, so is the fact that Storyteller failed to hit a million. We are left wondering how these albums performed through digital singles and streaming…

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I wish there was an update on this numbers


Wow cant believe Kelly Clarkson has better results than her. I guess she was much bigger than Clarkson in the US, but globally she’s not really that well known. Country singers always have a tough task of selling globally. Anyway, I remember watching Carrie Underwood audition for American Idol. And the moment I heard her voice I knew she would win. I was right, :). She’s such a great talent and she deserve the success she has.


BTW, you put the wrong cover on the Blown Away album. 😌

Anthony Blanchard

Hi Rell!

It is now fixed, thanks 🙂


Thanks. How does she rank among female country singers ? I know Shania is number one but is Carrie Underwood even in the top 5 ? Faith Hill, Dolly Parton, Shania and Leann Rimes are top 4. Who’s the fifth? Reba ? Carrie ?


So Kelly Clarkson is still the best-selling music artist who came from American Idol. Carrie placing second is still huge cos I really didn’t expect her to be as successful as she now is.


I knew she would be very successful, and I knew exactly that she’s going to be huge in the US but not worldwide. She just have that star quality that many Idol contestant doesn’t possessed.


Does the above say that because I was going to say no way. In all aspects of her career, Carrie has passed Kelly – Sunday night football gig and the list goes on. She is considered one of the highest marketable artists by Forbes. Carrie is a super star in marketability.

Donald Miller

Gul durn, she’s good lookin’