CSPC: Simon & Garfunkel Popularity Analysis


Records & Achievements

  • At 45,148,000 equivalent album sales, Bridge Over Troubled Water is the most successful album released up to 1970.
  • At 28,800,000 equivalent album sales, The Sound of Silence is the most successful song released up to 1974.
  • At 18,990,000 equivalent album sales, Mrs Robinson is among the 5 most successful songs from the 60s.
  • At 26,037,000 equivalent album sales, Sounds of Silence is the most successful album from 1966.
  • At 26,674,000 equivalent album sales, Bookends is the 2nd most successful album from 1968.
  • Simon & Garfunkel is the only act ever to register more than 1,000 weeks inside the UK album chart with less than 10 studio albums released.
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water remains the longest running #1 artist album ever in the UK with 33 weeks.
  • The Sounds Of Silence was the biggest international hit of the 60s in Japan with 21 weeks at #1.
  • Simon & Garfunkel led the comprehensive album chart in Japan for 39 weeks, far and away the most weeks at #1 for an international act.
  • At 181,318,000 streams, The Sounds Of Silence is the 6th most streamed track from the 60s.
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I still can’t stand them. They are obnoxious with their pedo song.


This is insane, They released only five albuns, but reached 124 million CSPC! David Bowie for instance, needed to release 27 albums to produce the same numbers.


This websites design is atrocious! I’d offer some tips, but I’m not even sure where to start.



Looks great now!