CSPC: Kelly Clarkson Popularity Analysis

Digital Singles Sales – Part 2

As a reminder, the weighting is done with a 10 to 1,5 ratio between one album and one digital single.

Stronger (2011) – 2,574,000 equivalent albums

Mr. Know It All – 3,820,000
What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger) – 7,970,000
Dark Side – 1,070,000
Don’t You Wanna Stay – 3,160,000
I Forgive You – 820,000
Remaining tracks – 320,000

Wrapped in Red (2013) – 102,000 equivalent albums

Underneath the Tree – 360,000
Remaining tracks – 320,000

Piece by Piece (2015) – 423,000 equivalent albums

Heartbeat Song – 1,570,000
Piece by Piece – 1,010,000
Remaining tracks – 240,000

Meaning of Life (2017) – 69,000 equivalent albums

Love So Soft – 360,000
Remaining tracks – 100,000

Orphan – 660,000 equivalent albums

Catch My Breath – 2,450,000
People Like Us – 730,000
Don’t Rush – 460,000
Tie It Up – 210,000
Remaining tracks – 550,000

With downloads reaching their peak in 2012, the era Stronger did well in that format. The title track was huge, selling close to 8 million units. Mr. Know It All and Don’t You Wanna Stay sold over 3 million copies each. The era was responsible for more than 17 million sales.

Wrapped in Red isn’t the kind of albums that get strong hits, which is visible in its results. Piece by Piece got two million sellers which isn’t that bad for a 2015 album that is largely seen as a flop. Then, songs of Meaning Of Life are being non-events so far.

Clarkson has sold over 62 million digital units up to date. Her strongest sales avenues are US downloads at over 36 million, South Korean downloads at 7 million and US ringtones at 5 million.

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One of the things that wasn’t discussed is that by the time this article was written, she was the only American Idol to cross 100 #1s worldwide. And even right now, she is STILL the only American Idol to do it. She is far and away the most successful person to come from AI or the shows that followed. Kelly is the back from which all of those artists stand on and that is not a small feat. I get that there is a lot of emphasis put on album sales, but I think there is a lot of additional… Read more »


You forgot the she is the most successful singer to come from an idol contest of all times.

You say she is unknown in relevant markets, but everyone knows who she is.

She is much more well known than Carrie Underwood who has sold nothing outside of North America.


I’m not even from the Western Hemisphere and I’ve known Kelly Clarkson since I was born


I’m not sure she took risks too soon. I mean, take a look at Pink when she released “Try This”. It was also a major drop in sales compared to “Missundaztood”. But when she released “I’m Not Dead” back in 2006, she was able to increase her sales by a great margin compared to “Try This”, and from then on she was able to stabilize her sales and even up her game with “Funhouse”. Of course there wasn’t a smash like her sophomore, but the market was already dropping in sales, so it was a general problem. Anyway, she kept… Read more »


Would you mind breaking down the WW sales of Stronger (WDKY) & Because of You further? Not that I’m complaining but your estimations are millions higher than mine!


Thank you for this!!

Kelly is a legend!!

And I’m very surprised with South Korean numbers… do you have more details?