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Rated recently as the most powerful women in the industry a few months ago by Fortune magazine, Beyonce has been growing a lot since the days of No, No, No hit single way back in 1998 with the Destiny’s Child. Most powerful doesn’t necessarily mean best selling artist though so how the diva stands in comparison to her peers in that field?

It all started in a very standard way with a string of successful eras with her group from 1998 to 2001. During that period, she met and started to date Jay-Z that she married in 2008. Retrospectively, this meeting can be regarded as a tremendous event for the music industry as a whole. The relationship obviously brought several key hits to Beyonce but the pair’s combined strengths also enabled them to invest in various brands from the Brooklyn Nets to TIDAL, developing more and more their status as business powerhouses.

Among the very top selling albums of the last 20 years though, it is all about Adele, Eminem or Britney Spears with no records from the Destiny’s Child, Beyonce or Jay-Z. Does that mean the couple is primarily successful as business associates rather than recording artists? Well, maybe that’s going too far.

As usual, I’ll be using the Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept in order to relevantly gauge her results. This concept will not only bring you sales information for all Beyonce‘s albums, physical and download singles, as well as audio and video streaming, but it will also determine their true popularity. If you are not yet familiar with the CSPC method, the next page explains it with a short video. I fully recommend watching the video before getting into the sales figures. Of course, if you are a regular visitor feel free to skip the video and get into the figures.

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Beyonce’s commercial selling ability is massively overrated by her fanbase and disproportionate to her overall popularity and media coverage. Beyonce is similar to Justin Timberlake in the fact that she’s a bigger celebrity from the music industry than she is an actual music star.

‘I am Sasha Fierce’ era truly feels like her commercial peak rather than her ‘Dangerously in Love ‘ era. 8 million albums sold in 2008 is rather impressive especially for a urban/black musical act who has a limited interest outside of US/UK.


Sure, but we’re at a beystan site. Everything here is cover-up like her career.

He demeans Gaga, Britney, Rihanna and others and never disfavors his fave. Is this the way he wants to pass credibility to the audience here? If you’re going to do something, do it right, be impartial and honest.

This was suposed to be a creditable site for any artist, not a Beyoncé stanpage.

I’ll come back when the mistakes are fixed, taking advantage of, add the new sales of Rihanna, Gaga and others in Germany, which were added recently. Thank u.


It’s pointless trying to explain things to Beyoncé haters. Alot of them has grounded in their minds that shes a local flop outside of America


How is her selling ability overrated? 74M EAS accumulated over 6 albums is very impressive, that’s only 12M behind Rihanna and 26M behind Britney despite having 2&3 fewer albums released in much worse selling conditions. Britney’s first 6 albums were released from 1999-2007 (two of which were during peak selling years) while Rihanna’s first 6 albums were released from 2005-2011. Meanwhile, it took Beyoncé 13 years, a much greater difference. Had Lemonade been her 8th studio album, she’d very likely be on about 90-95M.


Exactly. Beyoncé could release albums and singles year after year and enjoyed much more her sales peek as britney and rihanna did. Probably she would be very close to Britney or outsold her.


Britney’s 1st 6 studio albums were from 1999-2008, not 2007… A Greatest Hits album is a compilation album. Let’s focus on studio albums. Also, if you are referring to her 8th as keeping its average, that’s unpredictable, and would still be below Britney, based on your own estimates. Britney won fair and square, and Destiny’s Child released a 1999 album and didn’t sell well. So if peak selling years, as you put it, include 1999, then why didn’t DC sell well? The fact you suggest 1999 secured strong sales for Britney undermines her success, as DC proves that not all… Read more »


You do know though, that The Writing’s On The Wall was their 2nd album, you’re referring to. It was a massive success, how the hell did this album underperform?


Its not really massively overrated. Based on the data Beyonce sells more per era and #1s than almost every late 90s, early 2000s artist. The only one who sells more per era with less #1s is Adele. Think about others with 10 plus #1s who canabalize their sales with so much output.

Also consider consider fact Beyonce has been absent from pop radio for a decade now. If she wanted more smash hits on par with Halo, she could do it.


I think Gaga only has 6 albums and outsold Beyoncé, and I bring her up since Adele also came out in 2008. Taylor, from her first 6 albums did better than Beyoncé’s 6. Beyoncé still released mainstream pop songs in 2011, like Run The World, and featured heavily on commercial pop music like Telephone from Gaga from 2010, and even later in the decade such as on Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Duet. Sorry, but your argument isn’t honest. She also collabs with many artists to capitalize on the increased Latin music market, hence Mi Gente. Britney’s 1st 6 did better than… Read more »


Did Gaga really outsell her? I don’t think so with her last few albums selling poorly with no longevity on streaming platforms beside Shallow and its soundtrack.
In which timeline is RTW mainstream pop in 2011?
Yes, her side projects were often Remixes of popular tunes during the 10s, but her own material didn’t cater to the masses, intentionally.


Gaga is nowhere near outselling Beyoncé….


Ultimatey it doesn’t really matter, the fact is Britney had more success at her peak and Beyonce has more longevity. Plus they are two completely different artist that make different music. During the early-mid 2010’s Beyonce did transition to a less commercial style, but that was in a way necessary for her remaining a relevant artist and her living up to the incredibly high pedestal the world put her on. Britney on the other hand had iconic pop hits that still stand the test of time, but never really grew that much artistically and that’s possibly why her career is… Read more »


Irreplaceable is at 8 mi being fair, not 11.

6,700,000 in US/CAN ringtones/downloads
~650,000 UK
~100,000 Oceania
~100,000 The rest of Europe

Giving it another 500k (where i don’t know but let’s try), maybe it’ll reach the 8 million mark that i’m assuming.

Where u found another 3 million sales for this track? lol


Hi… First, I want to say that I love your site because it is the only one that can throw us doubts and break myths that are spread by the pop communities around the planet… But, honestly, I notice huge mistakes in your notes when we talk about Beyoncé. For a long time, many people have (specifically Britney and Rihanna stans) known your favoritism, demeaning great artists (like this charge you put here: ?zz=1, in last Beyoncé article) – and much more talented ones who basic singers who shake your ass with an army of dancers for the thousandth time… Read more »


I’m not mad at these figures. It’s closer than what mediatraffic and other bias sources quote. What I love about Bey is she still has the populairty to sell records over time while others have been stalled for a decade. She can reach 100 million solo if she goes back mainstream.

I am Sasha Fierce is so far the best selling album by a black female artist this century. Halos catalog sales are truly amazing. I’m also glad the DC vs Bey debate can be put to rest. Much stronger results overall by herself.


Beyonce is one of the most undercertified artist in recent years. In US for example she is about 50 platinum missing if we count streams. Same in Brazil. Maybe in several countries. Sometimes is hard to predict her sales and she may have sold more than she looks


Definitely. I think if she ever does a massive it will effect the estimations.
Plus media sites only go by certifications as records sold so it would help her there.


Umm…In digital sales,she sold over 4 million with “remaining tracks” in Orphan?That is kind of…


Thanks for responding to all the post. But i have one more question. Do you know anything about halo brasil sales? Could we kinda get a continent breakdown? Huge fan of the song and very happy with it’s success.

Music Stan

It should be Diamond there it was number 1 for weeks and is probably the best selling foreign song and IASF is 3x diamond


Yeah it was #1 for 18 weeks i think it sold 700-800K pure idk how much it is at with streams factored in…


You had ST at 4M (pure), IASF (7.7M) to 3.8M to 7.5M etc is that not a decrease? Your numbers are inconsistent.


Wait. Your first update back in 2016 you had ST at 4M (pure) and 7.9M (units) with update you have it at 3.8M (pure) and 7.7m (units) along how does one albums decrease when they still sale/streamed just like with the rest of her albums? You’re very inconsistent with Beyoncé. Comparing ur work with others somehow they get an increase while Beyoncé takes a decrease. You allow jealous stans of other fan-bases to play a roll in your work.


You do realize Beyonce isn’t the only artist that ‘lost’ sales, right? Just recently Gaga lost sales as well, and last year Britney lost sales with In the Zone going from 7.4 million to 6.9 million. It’s completely normal for reasons listed above and it has nothing to do with ‘jealous stans’.


Most Beyoncé fans are stupid, let it go.


You stan Fadga lmao

Stephon Jackson

Why exactly do you have N/A for certain countries/continents? I feel as tho you should have all the numbers (no matter how small), posted by each market.


Hi MJD ! 🙂

How the fuck 4 stay at 7.8 M and BEYONCE went from 7.9M to 7.6M ?
Both of these albums gained so much streams in 2017. Both should’ve had reach 8M copies sold since December 2016.
What is that mess ? Explain sis.
And I want a clear anwser, don’t even try to fool my ass or I’ll sting yours. >:(

Love you !


Halo selling 13M makes it the highest selling solo digital single by a black female artist. Topping we found love.

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