CSPC: Beyonce Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

While scores of both Dangerously In Love and B’Day are truly good, numbers of I Am… Sasha Fierce are absolutely superb. If Singles Ladies at 188 million and If I Were A Boy at 173 million are undeniably massive, Halo crushes both combined with a tally of 431 million, one of the very biggest pre-Spotify era songs ever.

As many as 15 (!) songs from the album are over 15 million. Its YouTube views are also tremendous with Halo breaking 1 billion with ease and the remaining songs adding for more than 2 billion. This converts into 1,71 million EAS. Massive.

Dying when streaming was starting to take off, 4 shows great results too. The pattern is quite similar as the album has three juggernauts at 148 million and more in Run The World, Love On Top and Best Thing I Never Had plus a whole bunch of 15-100 million tracks. On YouTube, its total is of 2,4 billion views. The total is fairly close too at 1,45 million EAS.

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Hi, I was wondering would it be possible for you guys to start showing sales in the US in addition to the WW sales shown already. A lot of us are extremely curious to know what her albums and singles sales are in the US. The same for Destiny’s Child as well.

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