CSPC: Beyonce Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

2003 Dangerously in Love – 9,920,000
2006 B’Day – 6,060,000
2008 I Am… Sasha Fierce – 7,570,000
2011 4 – 3,130,000
2013 Beyonce – 3,880,000
2016 Lemonade – 2,870,000

Now totaling 33,43m copies sold, Beyonce‘s studio albums eventually topped sales of those from the Destiny’s Child in 2016. As the solo star has now 6 albums, more than her past group, the fact that she topped them only now may sound surprising.

That all her LPs still stand under the 10-million barrier – although this is only a matter of time for her debut record – is also quite intriguing considering how many 10-million sellers came out in the last 20 years, including sets from artists way less talked about these days like James Blunt or Dido.

The comparison with the Destiny’s Child isn’t completely fair through as 1999-2001 market was arguably much bigger than 2003+ years in terms of album sales. Download sales took off during the Dangerously In Love era and slowed down only to be replaced by streaming so sales got spread over more formats during the career of the diva. How does the comparison stands after accounting for all those distinct formats?

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Hi, I was wondering would it be possible for you guys to start showing sales in the US in addition to the WW sales shown already. A lot of us are extremely curious to know what her albums and singles sales are in the US. The same for Destiny’s Child as well.

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